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Mo’ Bitta’

First of all, I am convinced this whole ‘positive attitude’ thing is working. The Huz and I stumbled and grumbled our way out of bed this morning and found our way into our running shoes. Once we got out the door with the pup, we were instantly perked up by the sweet sunshine and light breeze.

That is, until we saw our car halfway up the block. Remember the scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit when the cartoon car skids through the slime and it melts his tires and he cries?! That was how my poor Vivian looked this morning. Her driver’s side quarter panel and bumper were in shambles. White paint scraped along the side. The bumper all but hanging off and the turn signal light bulb dangled below on a chord. I could hear her cries, feel her shame and I almost began to cry until I noticed a piece of paper under the wiper blade.

(This is where the positive thinking comes in, I promise)

A note! In fact, it was a very nice note! It turns out, a couple just moved into our neighborhood and they were trying to maneuver their U-Haul but had some trouble. Their note was so apologetic and they even called the NYPD to file an accident report and they left that under the wiper blade as well! Thankfully for all, they had insured the U-Haul so it looks like the company should cover the damage. AND, The Huz works in a warehouse full of car guys! I’m sure he’ll be able to find someone to fix my baby up like new in no time.

After regrouping a bit and reminding myself that this too shall pass, I tucked the note and accident report away and we trotted off for our run, ducking down side streets and sprinting across the avenues, all the way over to Central Park, around the Great Lawn, and before we knew it, we were finished. I led on the way over, The Huz showed us the way home, and the pup behaved wonderfully.

All told, it was a pretty great morning. I picked out another fun skirt combo and mixed up a new Green Monster, half for home and half for the afternoon. Even with all the kale, it was DELICIOUS, and I really didn’t notice a flavor difference! I did add a bit more almond milk and almond butter to the mix, just in case the kale made it “mo’ bitta'”.

Kale GM

Today’s GM:

4 leaves of kale (these weren’t very big and I cut the stalks out)
1 handful of baby spinach
1/3 seedless cucumber
1 big spoonful almond butter
3/4 c. almond milk
1/4 c. water
4 ice cubes


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