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Weekend Warrior

Unfortunately, there was no movie viewing in our casa last night. We were quite distracted by the couple across the hall from us who launched World War III and kept it going strong until we had to call the police around 10pm. Thankfully, it seems they’ve resolved their differences and the girlfriend has returned with her Pomeranian. In the midst of the festivities, we opted to order in, rather than cooking something. I snacked on some pita, hummus and wasabi peas while I waited for my calamari salad. My dinner was delicious and exactly what I was looking for – spicy, citrusy, chewy – amazing that I found exactly what my body was craving. I also had a few bites of The Huz’s ginger beef, but much preferred my seafood. I had a bit of a snack attack after dinner and had some dried cranberries and a frozen strawberry fruit bar, and then a couple of cookie balls (they’re just so good!). At least I managed to drink lots of water in preparation for Saturday.

What did Saturday have in store you might ask? An EIGHT MILE RUN!! That’s right, folks. I went for a long run today! The Huz and I ran over to Central Park and then he headed home with the pup and I continued on and did the entire outer loop of the park before heading home. It was absolutely wonderful! I think I kept just under a 10 minute mile, though I did have to stop for the pup a couple of times so perhaps it was a little faster. Either way, I ran!!! After, I came home and did lots of stretching and used the foam roller on my hips for a while. I’d had a good pre-run snack (Green Monster, 1/2 chocolate chip bar, 5 strawberries):


and then I finished the bar and had more strawberries while I stretched out.

Before running our errands, I made one of my own personal creations and it was delicious, as always:

Homemade Chicken Salad Panini (serves 2)

1 can chicken (we get ours from Trader Joe’s and it has much less salt than others I’ve seen)
1 large pita
1 big spoonful Labne
1 big spoonful Fage 2%
1 Handful dried cranberries
1/4 c. pecan pieces
Green Goddess seasoning (I get mine from an amazing spice shop called Penzeys in the Strip District of Pittsburgh, my hometown!)

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, adding salt if desired. Split pita into two rounds and lay a handful of baby spinach in the center. Add chicken salad and roll up. I put a little Pam on our panini press and voila! Homemade panini. I also sliced up a couple of fresh strawberries to finish the meal with something sweet 🙂


After our errands (ah, Costco, how I love thee), we snuggled up to a movie, Knocked Up, and laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. For some reason, that movie never ceases to make me laugh. We also snacked on some pita and hummus while watching and I had a few nuts and dried cranberries to satisfy my sweettooth.

I’ve been having a tough time with the positive thinking today – I know that I’m bigger than I have been in almost 3 years and that is really incredibly frustrating for me. I find myself thinking ‘oh well, you werent that unhappy when you were thinner, were you?’ and ‘just get back down a couple of pounds’ or ‘everyone can see you’ve gained weight, what are they thinking??” It’s been really tough to quiet those thoughts. I’m trying my best, but some days are just really tough, you know?

UPDATE: We went to The Huz parents’ apartment for dinner and had some chinese food – I ate what I wanted and no more. I did struggle though because I’d had a bit of a binge earlier, shortly after I originally posted, and I just wasn’t hungry or very comfortable with myself. It was also difficult because I find my eating is commented on a lot with my husband’s family. When I’m self conscious, I tend to eat much more, though almost always after the event and when I’m alone. I definitely need to work through this!


2 Responses

  1. Hi! Just came across your blog and laughed at your neighbor situation. A similar thing happened to us the other day. Seemed like maybe a father and son on the floor below us were having a “little” scuffle and we couldn’t do anything to block out the yelling. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, hopefully without any crazy neighbor situatons!

    • Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! I hope your neighbor situation is better. It turns out, our neighbors have a reputation in the building for fighting the way they were the other night, so it looks like there will be an encore performance somewhere in their future.

      Have a wonderful afternoon!

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