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Graduation, car rides and an unblended Green Monster!

We had the distinct honor of traveling to Pawling, NY this morning for The Huz’s cousin’s graduation from boarding school. Instead of the predicted rain, we had cloudless skies, a light breeze, and a beautiful lawn with chairs set up. While it was definitely warmer than I would have preferred, and I honestly don’t know how the graduates survived in their sport jackets, it really was a perfect ceremony. Our cousin looked dashing, the speeches were eloquent, and we also got to enjoy some lunch with family and friends. 

Rewind a bit and you’ll find me running around my apartment a little flustered. I’d gotten up at 7, did Day 1 of the BBBC, and added some walking pushups (which are almost impossible for me!!), crunches and leg lifts. I then washed, dried and straightened my hair for the first time in months. I’ve been trying to grow it out and I’ve avoided doing anything potentially damaging to it. Then I had to try on three different outfits until I found one I was satisfied with. Finally, dressed, pressed and ready, I realized I hadn’t eaten my breakfast!!

Even though The Huz assured me I didn’t have time to blend up a Green Monster, I did my best. Instead, I peeled and sliced a kirby cuke and 7 or 8 extra large strawberries and tossed them into a container. Then I grabbed one of my Banana Bread Bars for some protein and healthy fats and ate everything on the road. So even though I didn’t get my spinach, I got the cucumber, the berries, the almonds and the bananas from my usual Green Monster – not too bad for having to improvise, huh?


After the graduation, which ended up being a great chance to get a little sun, even though I sweat through the lining of my dress!, we headed to the hockey rink where the school had provided a very nice springtime buffet. I had a whole wheat roll, a slice of deli turkey, a big serving of mixed greens with sliced carrots and red cabbage with a touch of dressing, part of a chicken breast, lots of fresh fruit and a few bites of potato and pasta salad. Finished everything off with a nice cold glass of lemonade and I was feeling quite refreshed.


Now we’re home, relaxing in much more comfortable clothing and I’ve made a double batch of Coconut Creme Bars so I have sustenance for my trip to Boston tomorrow. I snacked on a cookie ball, a few mini chocolate chips, and some dried cranberries and cashews while I made my bars. I stopped when I was satisfied though and put the rest in the refrigerator for later if I’m in the mood. While I’ll miss my Green Monster on Tuesday morning, I’m hoping that my bars will help tide me over until I’m home on Tuesday night.

I think it’s time to do some apartment cleaning so I’ll leave you with some pictures of Bodhi having his version of a lazy Sunday.


Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!



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