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Home Sweet Home

I arrived home from Boston safe and sound last night around 10pm. When I got to the Logan Airport, I found out my flight had been delayed for about an hour so I ate my banana from breakfast and perused the Cibo stand near my gate. Rather than having a sandwich with mystery ingredients, I bought some Kavli Crispy Thins and a packet of Boar’s Head pepperoni and cheese so I could make myself some dinner. I rounded out my meal with a piece of Scharffen Berger chocolate (1 oz. size). The crips were perfect because they were so thin and light. They added a great crunch to my baby sandwiches. And the chocolate was absolutely divine. The cacao nibs had a really good texture and I liked that the 1 oz piece was scored into several smaller blocks so I could eat a square, read for a bit, and then have another piece, without overindulging.



The flight was fairly uneventful – I distracted myself from the turbulence with the Real Housewives of New Jersey and the Dog Whisperer. One was a guilty pleasure and one was research since I’m always looking for new ways of making my pup as happy and balanced as possible.

The car service was waiting for me at baggage claim and I almost fell asleep nestled into the soft leather of the Towncar on the way home.

After I reunited with The Huz and Bodhi, I grabbed a handful of raw nuts and dried fruit and a cookie ball because my mini-dinner had only held me over for a few hours. (Bodhi did his best “professor” impression for me)


I was sleeping soundly by 11pm!

Two things:

1. I don’t understand why more people don’t use a car service rather than a taxi, at least for planned trips. I can understand the impromptu, it-just-started-pouring-and-I’m-wearing-new-suede-shoes cab ride, and have been known to flag a cab when I just can’t stand the thought of torturing my poor piggies any longer in a pair of high heels. But when it comes to rides to the airport, or to a nice dinner from a hotel, I vote for a car service all the way. A cab ride from JFK Airport to Manhattan is $45, plus tolls and tip, and the ride is, well, not so nice. NYC cabs are not really known for their cleanliness or luxury. However, I do appreciate that they accept credit cards now, thank goodness! A car service from JFK to Manhattan is $50 (plus tolls and tip), and it’s wonderful! My driver was respectful and courteous, the car was spotless inside and out, the leather was super soft, I had more leg room than I knew what to do with, and the back part of the window was even tinted so I felt kind of like a celebrity. 😉 Take it from me, if you’re ever traveling to/from/around New York, Dial 7!

2. I don’t like mice. We definitely have a mouse in our house and I think it spent the night eating the bait in the trap The Huz placed under my side of the bed. We heard scratching and tapping under the bed three times in the middle of the night and I’m not pleased. I understand that I should expect a relative level of “wildlife” since I live in an older building in NYC, but I just can’t stomach it. Two weeks ago, I saw a monster cockroach in the doorway at the back of our building and we caught a mouse during our first month in our apartment. The coast had been fairly clear for a while but The Huz found “gifts” that were distinctly rodent-generated on Monday morning just before I left for Boston and he had to spend his holiday buying glue and poison traps and scouring the entire apartment. Blech. I’ll be sure to update if/when we catch something!

Question: Have you ever had mice or any other unwanted wildlife in your home? How did you get rid of it??


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  1. Enjoyed!!!

  2. She’s a great shot ain’t she? 😀 . . LOL @ how she bend over the
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