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Anniversary Weekend

Being the list-maker I am, I’ve noted the topics I need to cover tonight:

1. Rodents
2. Workout/Bobby Flay/Chicken and Waffles
3. Today’s meals/Amy’s Enchiladas
4. Weekend/Anniversary plans – I can’t believe we’ve been married for a year!!

1. So far, the score is Rodents = 3 nights, Us = 0. Last night, at 11pm, we were just about to curl up in bed when Bodhi (The Mouse Hunter, or TMH) started sniffing under the dust ruffle. Then, when we moved a few things away, he sniffed more. And more! Before long, we’d moved everything out from under our bed (3 plastic storage boxes, 4 duffles bags, a rolling suitcase, LSAT books, and the space ship (slow cooker)) and TMH was able to army crawl from one side of the bed to the next. FYI, our bed is on risers, thanks to living in NYC and needing storage space, so the pup wasn’t at risk of being squished! To be fair, his underbed exploration was pretty hilarious for a while. I would be looking under one side of the bed and out would pop his nose, or he’d be backing up and I’d suddenly see his tail. Unfortunately, though he tried mightily, he could not find a mouse. We even checked the trap we’d placed under the headboard but it was empty. So, we put everything back under the bed (sorry downstairs neighbors!) and went to sleep with visions of mouse-free abodes dancing in our heads.


Not one hour later, The Huz sat bolt upright in bed and the great MH was sniffing frantically all around the edges of the dust ruffle again. At first, I was certain the Boogeyman was hiding underneath and I was genuinely terrified. Then I actually woke up and realized they were hunting mice again. Yet again though, no mouse. This behavior repeated itself every 45 minutes for the rest of the night until we finally gave in and got up at 7. UGH

My good friend has suggested that maybe our little friends don’t like the bait we’ve set out so we’re heading back to the drug store for more traps and some Slim Jims (who’d have thought??). We’ll also use some leftover cheese that is on it’s way out. I’m thinking of adding some roasted peppers to my platter of slim jims and cheese to round out a nice rodent antipasto dish for their enjoyment. My friend said I should try peanut butter, or almond butter in my case, but I just can’t stand the idea of shelling out my delicious, creamy, decadent almond butter to a mouse. No way, no how.


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