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Friday, continued

Update continued…

2. Workout: I knew I wanted to run tomorrow morning with the pup, so I convinced myself to do a walking hill workout reminiscent of Angela’s here. I was only able to get 45 minutes in though, since I had to get back to work, so I did the whole thing at 15% incline and 4 mph. It was a TOUGH workout! I tried to change up where I held on to the treadmill – sometimes on the lower handles and sometimes on the top of the treadmill – and it definitely worked different parts of my arms. While I walked, I watched Throwdown with Bobby Flay. He was challenging a woman in Harlem who makes chicken and waffles. I have to say, even after watching the episode and seeing everyone enjoy their samples so much, I just don’t have any desire to try this dish. It just seems so strange to me!

Have you ever had chicken and waffles? What did you think?

I also did some strength training:

2 sets of full and wide-leg planks for 45 seconds each
toe touch crunches (20)
slow leg raises (15)
pushups (15)
lunges (8 plus 8 pulses on each leg)
wide-leg squats (15)
bridge hip raises with the pilates ring in between my knees

If you haven’t used a Magic Circle before, try it!! I took Pilates 3 times/week for about 6 months before my wedding and I am 100% convinced it was the entire reason I fit into my dress! 

3. Today’s food was very satisfying and I was glad to have some variety. I had a huge Green Monster in the morning, made with the following ingredients:


1/2 c. almond milk
1 T. flax seeds
5 leaves curly kale
2 handfuls organic baby spinach
3/4 large banana
1/3 English cucumber
1 tsp. L-Glutamine powder
1/2 c. water and 3 ice cubes 

Time to blend:


All ready!


It was fantastic and held me over until around 10:30 when I had a Coconut Creme Bar and some Celestial Seasonings Green Tea.


Around 12, I started to get hungry, but I knew I wanted to hit the gym around 1 so I had 5 huge strawberries to tide me over. Even though I didn’t get to the gym until 2:30, I was comfortably full from my snack.


After the gym, I had an Amy’s Black Bean Enchilada Whole Meal and it was so tasty (and very filling!). I also had the rest of the strawberries I’d brought to work and was super full and happy.

For dinner, The Huz and I went to Yoki, a Japanese restaurant right in our neighborhood. As an appetizer, I had the seafood/vegetable tempura and I really appreciated that the batter was very light. The vegetables and seafood were thinly sliced and made into a patty, like a potato pancake, and then lightly fried. (No pictures though because the restaurant was fairly dark and I didn’t want to distract other diners). For my entree, I had the Iso Maki roll. Tuna, salmon, cucumber and avocado wrapped in white seaweed. The roll was so light and fresh thanks to the cucumber and it was still so filling because of the fish and avocado. Truly a perfect dinner.

4. One year ago today, I was having the final meeting with my wedding coordinator, having my nails done and printing/building all of the ceremony programs and out-of-town packets. I had been home with my parents for five days and I was running every morning and eating as healthily as possible. Friends and family were arriving by the carload and my parents’ house was so full of so much love and happiness. And so much anticipation! 

This year, we get to celebrate the anniversary of our wedding day with lots of life changes. Since our wedding day, we’ve been to Greece, adopted our dog, The Huz has gotten a new job, we’ve moved from Boston to NYC, and I’ve been through treatment for my ED. I won’t spend a lot of time talking about my ED now, but I intend to do a full “health history” post in the near future. Suffice it to say, as much as 2006-2008 was a great time in my life (new jobs, new apartments, a wedding to plan and have!), I can’t help wondering how much better it would have been if my ED hadn’t been hanging over my head. Starting in July 2006, I began restricting my calories and compulsively exercising. After I lost 20 pounds and got down to a pretty low weight, I started binge eating and eating in secret. Then the exercise became compensatory and I stopped enjoying it. In December 2008, I began cognitive behavioral therapy and it was a tremendous help. I no longer calculate my calories or measure food amounts (except in recipes) and I do not weigh myself. While I still struggle, I am trying each day to develop a healthier relationship with myself and with food. 

ANYHOW, as I said, we have a lot to celebrate – both personal victories and success as a married couple and family. I will reveal tomorrow how we’re going to celebrate on our actual anniversary!

Have a great night 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations on taking steps towards balance, Katherine! That is a huge achievement!

  2. Hi Katherine!

    I saw a comment of yours on Gina’s website and thought I’d check out your blog.
    I have had a similar experience with weight loss and bingeing. In January I reached my goal weight (30+ lb weight loss), and for reason bingeing (which never happened during weight loss) found its way into my life.

    I started counting calories when I started maintenance and since then have tried to stop because I really struggled to find a balance between counting and being very strict, or bingeing. It’s so difficult to find a middle ground! I also went from weighing myself daily to every couple weeks or so but I am still struggling with finding and keeping my “happy weight.” Any tips on finding your balance?

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