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Homeward Bound

That was me yesterday – I spent the day curled up on the couch watching Homeward Bound with my puppy at my side. (Yes, I allow him up on the sofa, but only because he is so good at giving me those puppy eyes. How could I resist??)

I did perk up a bit in the afternoon as I read your wonderful comments. Jess, thank you so much for your suggestion of eating more earlier in the day. I’ve experimented with eating my largest meal in the evening, but I find that I am inclined to binge if I eat too lightly during the day – especially since I exercise around 1pm.

Natalie, I love your idea of keeping a list of positive things that I can read over when I’m feeling down or frustrated.

What are some positive affirmations you tell yourself when you’re feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?

Tuesday’s Eats

I had a small serving the leftover pasta salad (it’s almost gone!!) and two kibbe balls with labne for dinner last night. Kibbe is basically ground lamb with bulghur wheat and seasonings. I love these and always enjoy when my in-laws send us home with a few to enjoy. I made kibbe once as part of a Lebanese feast (The Huz Dad is from Lebanon), but mine was made in a pan since I knew I didn’t have the skills to shape the individual balls. For that same feast, I made hummus, babba ganoush, taboule, walnut dip and baklava. I think I might have to do this again sometime soon!

6-9 003

For dessert, I had a bowl of sliced strawberries and 2 raw chocolate chip cookie balls while we watched the Penguins game. Thankfully they won so we’re on to Game 7!

6-9 004


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