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Long Run Day!

I know I haven’t posted my Friday stats yet, but I’m floating on a major runners’ high and had to say IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE! I slept in a little bit (9:30) this morning and had some breakfast (to be pictured later – 1 flax wrap with almond butter, slice banana, sprinkling of mini chocolate chips) and a big glass of water before hitting the pavement. I left looking like a mildly stiff, slightly groggy 27 yr old. I came back a ooey gooey mess of tired, sweaty muscles with a big stupid grin plastered on my face. I wanted to quit and walk about a million times (those Central Park hills are rough) but I took my own advice and never stopped on an uphill so by the time I was gliding downhill, I wanted to keep going!

I think I logged a little over 8 miles, though it’s always an estimate in CP since I don’t have a fancy schmancy watch. But, honestly, who cares about an extra .25 mile? (Except of course if it comes after 26 miles…) Regardless of the exact distance, I feel great! I’m currently sipping on a 50/50 mixture of coconut water/H2O and have a date with my foam roller.

Hope you’re having a great Saturday!


9 Responses

  1. Love that runners high!! Mike and I did ran this morning in the mountains of Cental Virginia! Beautiful πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful day!!

    PS I am craving coconut water like no one’s buiness….but the closest store to sell it is like 30 minutes away 😦 Bummer! Glad you can enjoy yours!

  2. I know that feeling all too well! I love running first thing in the morning for just that reason, it gets my day off to the right start! πŸ˜€

  3. Congrats on the great run! I absolutely love the feeling when I know I’ve pushed myself to my fullest potential and truly got in a healthy workout! Keep that H2O coming and enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


  4. Congratulations, sounds like a fantastic run! When I was running I always did it first thing in the morning, it puts you on that euphoric high for the rest of the day πŸ™‚ enjoy!

  5. I’m so jealous of your running skills!

  6. Nothing like a nice rush of endorphins to start your weekend! I did a 8 mile long run this morning too, and it was sweaty and fabulous.

    You know I’ve never tried coconut water but I hear it has lots of electrolytes in it. Do you feel like it makes a difference vs. regular water?

    • Hi Jane! This was actually the first time I tried coconut water and I don’t know if I noticed a huge difference. I feel like it might come in handy if I added it to the water in my fuel belt for a 10-20 mile run! We’ll see!

  7. sounds like the perfect start to your Sunday! hurrayyyy!

  8. *saturday ha!

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