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Weekend Eats and Workouts

Saturday started out with a great smoothie (secret ingredient to be disclosed soon!) and then headed out for the Girls on the Run 5k. After I met The Huz at the dog run, we headed home and I took a quick detour to Agata and Valentina for some essentials. With pesto still on my mind, I picked up some fresh whole wheat rolls, fresh buffalo mozzarella, almost 2 pounds of cherries and two plums. I posed the “favorite fruits” question to The Huz and plums are pretty much his very favorite. He really likes sour fruits and, when they’re in season, plums can be so tart and refreshing! Here’s my smiley-faced sandwich:

6-9 055

Checking the weather (and a just a few blogs):

6-9 056

 Just look at that pesto!

6-9 057 

In the afternoon, I snacked on some cherries and a handful of spicy trail mix – wasabi peas, pecans and almonds.

6-9 058

The Huz was feeling a little run down so he slept most of the afternoon while I did the Core Yoga and part of the Yoga for Runners downloads from yogadownload.com. Boy is the Core Yoga class tough! Lots planks with knees by elbows. It felt good to do some core work after my scattered run in the morning.

For dinner, I wanted to make something simple since The Huz still wasn’t feeling great. I cooked up two chicken sausages and had part of another whole wheat roll with pesto and some more cherries on the side.

6-9 059

After dinner, we watched Taken and, for dessert, I had some of the Haagen-Dazs FIVE Vanilla ice cream. It was delicious and I topped it with some chopped nuts, coconut shavings and banana chips.

6-9 061

Sunday started out quietly. The Huz was still feeling under the weather so I made a smoothie and had a Coco Choco bar. Before we knew it, it was noon and I convinced The Huz that some yoga would help him feel better. We set up our two yoga mats (barely!) in the living room and got to work on the Yoga for Runners class from YogaDownload.com. It was a great class and I will definitely be doing it again! I liked that Dawnelle started the flow slowly and then repeated it at a faster pace. It really got my heart rate up but I still felt in control. I love the way yoga tires my muscles without making me feel exhausted. I didn’t feel like I’d gone through a tough workout, but when I tensed any muscles, they positively shook!!

To celebrate our successful yoga class, we went down the block to the diner and sat outside with Bodhi.

6-9 063

The Huz ordered the eggs benedict with an energizer smoothie (the breakfast specials come with your choice of a mimosa or a smoothie!). I had the Italian frittata with eggs whites, fresh basil, plum tomatoes and two kinds of mozzarella. I also had a few bites of hash browns and a toast English muffin.

 6-9 062

I was only able to finish about two thirds of the frittata and I had a decaf cappuccino for “dessert” while The Huz enjoyed a Belgian waffle with whipped cream.

About this waffle. So for our anniversary, we’d gone to this same diner, but since it was Sunday night around 9 when we finally got around to eating, the waffle machine was off! We even went to another diner a block away to see if they had waffles but, alas, their machine was also off for the night, so we settled for some very tasty ice cream. This past Sunday, The Huz was not to be thwarted. He had his waffle, and he enjoyed every single syrupy whipped creamed bite! He saved me a few bites too and it was, indeed, scrumptious! Bodhi was jealous…

6-9 067

We had dinner at The Huz’s grandmother’s last night and enjoyed a wonderful meal of asian roasted chicken, carmelized shallots, roasted potatoes and a fresh salad with mixed greens, endive and homemade balsamic vinaigrette. The Huz Dad isn’t big on chocolate in the evening so we had a fruit tart and I made Blueberry Coconut Oaties a la Ashley’s wonderful recipe! These cookies were delicious!!

6-9 079

Instead of sucanat, I used the lavender-infused white sugar I made as part of my Christmas gifts last year. The Huz thought the cookies were a little too much like granola, and not enough like cookies, but I actually really enjoyed them. Next time, I might try grinding up half of the oats so they form more of a dough with the egg and whole wheat flour. I might also add some chocolate chips, or maybe some lemon zest. I love how versatile this recipe is!

6-9 081

I also prepped my food for Monday before dinner and I was so excited when I opened up my bag of food at work! I had a smoothie in the morning on my walk to the office and then I broke into my Fage 2% with pumpkin flax cereal and strawberries around 11:30.

 6-9 082

The highlight of my day was my lunch: pesto tofu sandwich with alfalfa and broccoli sprouts, sliced grape tomatoes and sautéed onions. THIS WAS AMAZING!!!

6-9 085

To make this, I pressed the tofu for a half hour and then sliced it before adding it to the pan with the carmelized onions and tomatoes. Then I spread pesto on the tofu pieces and allowed them to crisp up a bit. Super easy and so tasty!

6-9 075

Around 4, I had a bowl of fresh cherries and they held me over through my workout: 4.5 miles and a whole lotta Real Housewives of New Jersey. Oh how I love watching that show while I work out. It keeps me laughing through every mile J I also did a quick core workout – crunches, obliques, leg lifts, planks and then walked home.

The Huz made dinner and it was a great way to use up some of the foods in our fridge! We shared 2 chicken sausages sautéed with a red pepper, half an onion, garlic and a spicy dried pepper (unknown origin!). At the last minute, he added some feta to the dish and let it melt before serving with a big sweet potato. I drizzled some coconut oil and a sprinkle of sea salt on mine and it was a great meal!

For dessert, I had a small bowl of vanilla ice cream with one of the Blueberry Oaties and a piece of almond bark. Perfect-o!

6-9 089


5 Responses

  1. Your pesto sandwiches look so good! And that Fage looks like whipped cream.. I had to do a double take! lol

  2. So glad you liked to cookies!

  3. Everything looks so delicious!!! I have to agree that I totally crave plums in the summer… SO juicy! And WOW, that pesto sandwich sounds amazing. What a great way to enjoy that tofu!

    I LOVE that Core Yoga session. Such a great workout! I downloaded all of the different time lengths so I can choose which one I actually have enough time to complete. And the Yoga for Runners is another great one for a workout. Makes me feel so good by the end of the practice!


  4. what a delicious weekend, excited to meet you tonight!

  5. Ahh, fresh mozzarella and pesto on crusty bread is the best thing ever. I’ve been having cherries almost every day – I was able to get 2lbs for $4 from a street vendor!

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