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CocoBanana Bar (and variations!)

At long last, I present to you my homemade bars:

On Tuesday night, I was running low on my CocoChoco Bars and I wanted to save my chocolate chips for some tasty raw chocolate chip balls for my weekend guests. In the spirit of the summery weather we’re finally getting in the Big Apple, I varied my original recipe a bit and came up with the CocoBanana Bar!

CocoBanana Bar (makes 6 bars)

2/3 c. roughly chopped medjool dates
1/2 ground whole rolled oats
1/2 c. mix of raw cashews and almonds
1/3 c. shredded coconut
1/3 c. banana chips (or dried banana)
1 t. coconut oil
1 t. agave nectar
pinch of cinnamon

1. Grind oats and nuts in food processor until finely ground, set aside.

2. Combine remaining ingredients in food processor and pulse until well combined (almost a paste).

3. Add date mixture to nuts/oats and mix with hands. Form into a ball and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

4. Divide mixture into sections (about 6, depending on desired size) and roll into logs. Place logs on cutting board and flatten. Even edges with the side of a knife if desired.

5. Layer bars on parchment paper and return to refrigerator for at least 30 minutes, or until hard.

6. Remove from refrigerator and wrap bars in plastic wrap. For best texture, store in refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks.

These bars were so tasty and I loved the lighter texture the oats bring to the mix!

Coco Choco Bar

Same recipe and process as above, but swap banana chips with chocolate chips. If using mini chocolate chips, do not process with the dates. Instead, add the chocolate chips in when mixing everything together by hand for an extra crunch.

If you get around to trying these, let me know what you think!!

11 Responses

  1. Yum, they sound amazing!

  2. They sound great, I’ve been wanting to make my own bars for ages. Do you have any pictures?


  3. Thanks for the recipe!! I can’t wait to make them!

  4. those sound great!

  5. i might have to make this a weekend project – so many recipes, so little time. however, you have me sold with the banana + coconut combo!!!

  6. Holy moly, sounds GOOOOOOOD.

  7. Wow, those bars sound great! 🙂 And you asked me a question about chocolate almond milk…it’s pretty good. I buy the unsweetened variety so the chocolate makes it a touch bitter, but it’s fine. I still prefer vanilla, though (and have never tried the original!).


  8. Wow, these sounds delicious! What a great healthy recipe! LOVE IT! 🙂


  9. It was great to meet you too, I can’t wait to read your recap!


  10. Yumz. These bad boys look supa.

  11. Amazing!! I need to get dates and try these!

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