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Homegrown Dinner

Unwilling to bid farewell to our weekend in paradise, The Huz and I decided to stay until around 7 last night. The Huz’s father (Huz Dad) has an incredible garden all over their property and he’s been growing fresh herbs, cucumbers, string beans, peas and spicy peppers! For dinner, The Huz’s mother (Huz Mom) asked me to make a pasta salad and I think we all know how I feel about pasta salads in the summertime! 😉

First, I lightly steamed and trimmed two big handfuls of homegrown green beans:


Then, I sliced up 1 yellow and half a red pepper, 2 homegrown cucumbers and two handfuls of grape tomatoes:


Just look at all those beautiful, vibrant colors! I couldn’t get enough!

Into the angel hair pasta (1 full box), I add this jar of Artichoke Lemon Pesto the Huz Mom had received as a gift. I also drizzled extra olive oil, added a pinch each of salt and pepper, and squeezed half a fresh lemon over the pasta and tossed everything together.



The Huz Dad made salmon with curry and garlic on the grill and fresh babaganoush (I LOVE being married to a Middle Eastern family!!!):


When we got home, I had two Ginger-Os and a dried fig as a sweet snack while we unpacked everything and we happily passed out by 11pm!

I started my Crap-Free Day on Monday morning, per Caitlin’s post this weekend, by doing the super C+K 10 Minute strength training routine and having a Green Lemonade variation from Green Bean Café. I think this one had extra ginger in it because it packed a serious punch – it was delicious and I could practically feel it going to work on cleansing my digestive system after all the random eating I did this weekend.

Around 11, I had a juicy, deep red plum and it was so satisfying. I love plums when they are still very tart and have crisp skin acting as a barrier for all the sweet juice inside. I followed the plum with a banana at 12 because I felt myself getting a little bit hungry.


One challenge I’ve noticed with my RFDD experimentation is that I need to eat much more throughout the day, since I’m eating all raw foods. For example, even though I felt fairly satisfied throughout the day, I was having a tough time with overeating last week, and this weekend, and I think I need to eat more during the day for now to help combat my munchie evening tendencies. I’ll definitely still try to eat mostly raw until dinner though!!

I had a nice crunchy nectarine at 1:30 and a bowl (almost a full pound!) of strawberries at 2:15. Around 3:30 I realized the fruit I’d brought would not carry me through until dinner so I used the $5 coupon from Vital Juice coupon to order online from FreeFoodsNYC. If you live in NYC, SeamlessWeb, the service that provides the online ordering for FreeFoods, as well as hundreds of other restaurants in the area, is absolutely amazing. I opted for one of several Raw/Vegan dishes on the menu – the Thai Lettuce Wraps. The lettuce leaves were stuffed with a cashew chili lime filling and lots of fresh vegetables – carrots, sprouts, onion, mango (maybe?) and some other unidentifiable little bits. There were three little rolls in the delivery box and they were delicious!! Spicy, but not overpowering. The lime was such a fresh, tart accent to the spice and I enjoyed eating these slowly and thoughtfully.


When I got home, The Huz wanted chicken and rice from the deli downstairs so I sauteed a rather large local zucchini in a bit of olive oil and heated a sweet potato in the micro. I drizzled a little coconut oil and a touch of sea salt on the potato and this was a great dinner!


For a sweet ending, I had two dried prunes, 1 dried fig and a Medjool date with almond butter and a few crystals of salt to bring out the flavors.


What is your favorite dessert?


11 Responses

  1. that pasta salad looks so good, and I bet that lemon pesto was great! i love having fresh veggies in the summer 🙂

    favorite dessert? usually anything chocolate!

  2. Those green beans look amazing. I can’t even begin to pick a favorite dessert, I have a huge sweet tooth.

  3. i want to find me a middle-eastern family too – that baba ghanoush looks amazing! the pasta too!

    love that you ate a full 1 lb of berries – i do that all the time i swear. they are sooo good, esp b/c they are in season right now. favorite dessert and favorite food is hands down, ice cream!

  4. OMG, let me just say that all that food looks delicious!!! I can’t blame you about loving the pastas… all those delicious veggies look AMAZING!

    I’m all for dates w/ AB as desserts. I could eat those 24/7! Another great one is spreading almond butter on a whole apple. LOVE IT!


  5. Wow, lucky, those veggies look amazing!

    I am set to get my first farm box this Saturday – can’t wait to see what’s in it!

    Also, your veggie wraps look so good!

  6. That pasta salad looks delicious!

    I was thinking about putting coconut oil on a sweet potato.. now you’ve confirmed my thought that it’d be delicious 🙂

  7. can i just say all of your eats are to die for!! that pasta salad sounds amazing 🙂
    my favorite dessert is anything with peanut butter. usually a vita brownie toped with some. haha

  8. All of that food looks so good. I hope you enjoyed it.

  9. great crap-free meals, everything looks very tasty! I am very hard-pressed to pick a favorite dessert (I like so many!) but I would probalbly say gelato or key lime pie.


  10. all of your fruits and veggies look so colorful and packed with nutrients! i think my favorite dessert would be berry pie/crisp/cobbler. yum!

  11. Do you wait to long to eat in the mornings?? I used to wait till I was hungry and this caused me to overeat at night. I switched to a larger breakfast and no eating after dinner and lost 12 lbs so easily! More importantly I feel satisfied and comfortable with my eating patterns! I was just wondering since you don’t seem to eat till late in the morning! Have a good one! 🙂

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