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The Super Post, Part III and an Eventful Night on the West Side

Tuesday dawned dark and gloomy so I was feeling the call of some comfort food, which I repeated on Wednesday. Enter the super breakfast of cozy champions, Ezekiel Bread with almond butter, honey and raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds:


Around 10:30 (both days), I had a (rather large) bag of trail mix, which included raw almonds, dried cherries, 1 dried fig, and raw sunflower and pumpkin seeds.


For lunch on Tuesday, I had a bowl of cherries and my last freezer dinner, Amy’s Mattar Tofu. Freezer dinners are such a guilty pleasure of mine. I don’t buy them all that often, but when I do, I try to focus on healthier options. I’ve done the Lean Cuisine and Smart Options dances and was left feeling like the girl who gets picked last for all the slow songs: Empty. I find the Kashi and Amy’s meals are much more satisfying and they really do come through in a pinch when I was too lazy busy to make up my meals the night before.

After work on Tuesday, I raced over to the gym to sneak in my 4 mile run on the treadmill. With the route set on Random and the tango music from the Zumba class to keep me pumped, I banged out my four in about 35 minutes. I was pretty wiped by the end, but it felt good to challenge myself. I reduced the speed to 6.5ish when the incline went up and then amped up my pace to 7.0mph-ish when the incline flattened out. It was a great way to keep my body guessing, use different muscles, work my lungs and keep me from going too crazy. The one thing that did start to drive me a little nuts was the guy who started his run just as I was maxing out on mine. He started up about 5 treadmills down the row from me and I didn’t think much of him until my peaceful, zen-like running trance was rudely interrupted by the sound of phlegm rattling up from his lungs. Though I was startled, we’ve all had to cough or ‘clear out the cobwebs’ during a workout at one time or another, so I tried to let it go. Not five seconds later and the same terrible noise was evoked from this gentleman’s thorax. This terrible guttural utterance (I couldn’t help myself) was repeated every five seconds for the last six minutes and 32 seconds of my run. I was ::this close:: to walking up to him when I finished and asking passive aggressively nicely if he needed assistance or was in some kind of cardiovascular distress. I also thought much less charitable thoughts, but I contained myself. I suppose I should thank “Raspy Cough Man” as he inspired me to run as fast as possible for those last 6 1/2 minutes just to be released from the aural torture.


The other reason I rushed through my workout was the super hot date I had with some lovely NYC bloggers in honor of Miss Lindsay‘s return to the Big Apple! Freshly washed and armed with directions from my coworker, I darted underground at Rockefeller Center to catch the train to Gena‘s beautiful apartment. PSA: The D train is an EXPRESS line. After two, quick local stops came and went, I started noticing that we hadn’t pulled into another station in a few minutes. Tick tock, tick tock, PANIC! As we sped past another platform without stopping, I realized I was on this train for the long haul and ended up 45 blocks past my destination! Thankfully, I was able to quickly jump on another train after the D train finally stopped, and I made it to Gena’s soon after. Though I was a very bad blogger and took no photos of the incredible food, Gena, Diana, Ashley, Lindsay, Heather and Elise snapped some great shots of Gena’s culinary genius. Ashley and Heather were also kind enough to make Super Charge Me and Carrot Oatmeal Cookies (YUM!!), which I enjoyed while sipping All Greens juice from Liquiteria. We were all chatting happily, discussing NYC foodie hotspots, vegan adventures (and misadventures), and many other passing topics, when we suddenly heard a great, rattling CRASH. I immediately panicked as I’d been the last person in the kitchen (leave it to me to break something the first time in someone’s home!), but the kitchen was just as I’d left it. Then, like the smoke left after the melting of the Wicked Witch of the West, a cloud of earthy dust began seeping out from under the bathroom door.


(Photo courtesy of Gena)

Thank goodness no one was using the loo when the ceiling came down!! Gena immediately went upstairs to make sure her  neighbor was okay, which he was (though he was naked, oops!) and the landlord showed up a few minutes later. Unfortunately, Gena’s bathroom is not in good shape, but talk about grace under pressure! Homegirl rolled with the punches and we were soon back to chatting away, certain we wouldn’t forget this evening for a very long time. Gena, thank you so much for being such a wonderful hostess. And Lindsay, thanks so much for moving back to NYC and giving us all a wonderful reason to celebrate together!

What’s the craziest house/apartment story you have??


13 Responses

  1. So much craziness! Great to meet you in spite of it all. Hope we can all hang out again soon!

  2. OMG that’s crazy! Thank God no one was hurt! On a side note, it sounded like you had a fun night with bloggie friends!

  3. Wasn’t that get-together the best? Minus the baffroom trauma, that is. I totally feel you on the frozen meals. I used to have a policy of having one or two Kashis in the freezer “just in case,” but have since finished ’em off in an effort to force myself onto fresher options. So far, so good! Or maybe I’m just cooking more at a time so I have leftovers to take to work…I guess that’s still an improvement. 🙂

  4. that trail mix looks gorge! your pictures are always so pretty!

  5. Oh my goodness I’m loving your eats! All those dried fruits and nuts are making me hungry!

    That is such a crazy story about the bathroom!! Yikes!!


  6. Loving all the “nutty” eats! Pumpkin seeds have to be one of my favorites.

    OMG, thank goodness no one was in there when the ceiling caved it! Now that could have really been a disaster. At least it gave you guys some excitement. 😉


  7. Lean Cuisines never fill me up, either! I do love Amy’s.
    Sounds like a crazy night at Gena’s! I’m glad everyone was alright!

  8. Oh, I think you know this is my craziest story!!! xo

  9. I am so behind, but I love the post!

    Before I was a vegetarian, I loved frozen dinners, but I don’t really think very many of the flavors kashi or amy’s are worth the price, since I typically bought LC and SO for like $2-3. Frozen meals are one thing I still miss actually!

    I wish I could have been at Gena’s party!

  10. Wow, that bathroom incident reminds me of when ceiling collapsed in the North End… aww memories. Miss you!

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