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Training Day!

No, this is not a post about the movie with Denzell Washington. It is, however, a quick post about my recent exercise activities. Since transferring to a new gym, I’ve fallen in love with a couple of classes; notably, contact kickboxing. Sadly, contact kickboxing is not taught on Thursday evenings so I was forced encouraged to take Old School Cardio. First and foremost, I will say that I had a blast. With that said, the class was even stranger than Forza! The instructor is like a slightly taller, salt-and-pepper haired, Radio City rockette Richard Simmons. He pulled his shorts up to designate the lead leg for each move.


We pranced, danced, clapped, cat called, sacheted and my stomach hurt from laughing so hard. I don’t know if I’d rely on Old School Cardio as my sole source of exercise but this girl’s gotta get her groove on once in a while (and in a much safer environment than Zumba!)! It also helped that I took the class my coworker and I affectionately call “the vomit class” earlier that day, so we were both pretty tired already šŸ˜‰

On Friday, I took The Boxer’s Workout, which was also kind of a mediocre workout. When we were circled around the instructor punching at him (no, I didn’t hit him in the face, though I came terribly close), we did a lot of standing/bouncing around. I think I prefer the kickboxing format b/c everyone works at her own pace. But, to each her own, eh?

In some way, I think it was probably good to have the light workout day since Saturday was a training day. I started the morning with the juice I’d made the night before and it really perked me up! While I woke up a bit more, I filled my Fuel Belt bottles, found a few GUs I’d had floating around the apartment and plotted my route. Out the door I jogged, knocking the rust off a bit, shaking out my limbs, and breathing in the last of the cool air. Sadly, I realized my iPod was dead when I tried to turn it on at the end of the block. Drat! 2 hours alone in my own head? Perish the thought!

I soldiered on, careening around couples out for their morning coffee and newspaper, mothers with their children in strollers, and a few other late-starting runners, like myself. Safely in Central Park, I set my mind to autopilot. Twice around the park, crossing at the 97th St. Traverse and then a cooldown job back to my apartment. That would get me through 12 miles, moderate hill work, and plenty of people watching.

And yet…

Somehow, I still manage to get lost in Central Park. When I crossed 90th St., I checked my watch, figuring about 4 minutes until the Traverse. 4 minutes became 5, which became 6, and then 7, 8 and 9. Finally, I found my turning point. A bit confused, but still feeling fresh, I ambled on over to the West Side and continued my run. After 60 minutes, I had my first GU – TriBerry. BLECH. No matter how many attempts I’ve made to befriend this flavor, we just don’t get along. My experience certainly wasn’t encouraged by the fact that I can’t remember the last time an artificial sugar coarsed through my blood stream. I’ll save you the gorey details, but let’s just say I’m in the market for a new, natural energy shot (Zingers and Powergels are out too, sadly!!). Suggestions?

As I ventured back into familiar territory on the East Side, I began staring imploringly at my watch. “Why must you pass so slowly, Time?” Circuit 2 passed much the same as the first, though my legs began to feel much more tired and I was increasingly thirsty. GU #2 was consumed at 1:40 – Chocolate Outrage. This flavor, which I had saved for second intentionally, is wonderful. Though I still felt a little wonky from the fake sugars, I heart me some Chocolate Outrage. CO is only topped by Chocolate Mint. Holy minty brownie goodness! My friend and I actually bought these for each other as our Christmas gift a few years ago b/c we both love them so much and they’re only available “in season” – think they might be offered year-round in Alaska? If so, I’ll consider a move!

When I finally got back to the apartment, I was a salty, sweaty mess. I was out of water, out of GU, and out of energy. My watch and I were in a stand off and I was craving my last slice of tofu pizza. As I noshed on my “feta” and a nectarine, I re-plotted my route with the satellite feature on Gmap Pedometer. Somehow, 12 miles had become 13.5 and, while that meant I could forgive my watch (except for the nasty tan line), it meant I’d run 13.5 freaking miles!! I know I should be excited about that, but I have to run 13 in two weeks. It’s not like I won’t get to run (oh frabjous day!) 13+ miles again. That said, I am very thankful for , relatively, positive run.

I did however use the extra mileage as an excuse to be a complete lump for the rest of the weekend. Our only excitement (aside from my beautiful juices!!) was a lovely dinner with some friends from Beantown at a little diner in Williamsburg. I have to say, I do love my ‘hood, but it was so fun to explore another area and we’ll definitely go back.

How do you energize during long runs or workouts?

…..The Huz headed to Chicago last night so it’s just lil old me for the next five days – who knows what I’ll be up to!! šŸ˜‰


12 Responses

  1. I’m not sure they’re really natural but have you tried Clif Shot Blox?

  2. work those 13.5 miles out…that is awesome! i prefer the clif shot blox as well – the margarita flava is YUMMMMMMM!

    yay for new classes at the gym too!

  3. Wow we have a lot in common…hate running with only our thoughts to occupy us, always manage to get lost, hate most gels!

    I third the Clif Shot Blox motion. The only problem with them is that they’re big, so it’s hard to carry enough to get you through a long run.

    • Thank you to Matt, Holly and Erica for the Shot Blox suggestion! I’m going to have to hit up a running store today so I can give them a shot. The good news is I run with a fuel belt for runs over 10ish miles so I’ve got a little pouch to store the Blox – here’s hoping they’re a success!

  4. LOL – oh richard simmons, you work that hot bod šŸ˜‰

  5. I have a feeling you’re using this time to cook/order in all the tasty noshings the huz ain’t interested in. šŸ™‚ How amazing that you accidentally ran so far! Without an iPod?! You are a better woman than me! I would have turned right back around. Exercise w/o tunes is non negotiable.

  6. what gym do you go to now? i am SUCH a wuss about going to classes. i really need to grow a pair and get over my insecurities about looking like a tard in front of others.

    you are a serious stud for that run…which i saw on google chat earlier. the absence of itune-age is baffling to me. congrats. what run are you doing in 2 weeks?

    • Hi Elise! I currently go to Sports Club LA and their classes are SO much better than the ones I tried at Equinox. It might just have been that my club was lousy, but I’m much happier now.

      No race picked out, just a 13 miles training run (yeehaw!!), on which you are welcome to join me šŸ˜‰

  7. Hey I use sharkies that I get at Target. I am pretty sure mine are made for kids, but they are organic.

  8. haha I did all my running in SA without an ipod, but I always had a friend to chat with thank goodness. But I have been there, you just can’t run as fast without a beat!

    I like clif shot blocks when i am going for natural. Gus and gels do seem to give the most rush, but they taste pretty bad, I can tolerate the mocha and coffee flavors.

  9. Oh dear, the dreaded dead iPod! Congrats for soldiering on – you are much stronger then me that’s for sure!

    When I was more of a runner, I used to use GU Gel to energize during the run. Pre-race, it would be a banana and a scoop of protein powder.

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