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In an effort to improve my mental state and remind myself that I can/do actually eat normally, I’m going back to posting my daily eats. Fear not, I’ll still be posting more soul-bearing/product reviewing/Central Park misadventure posts, but these will (hopefully) be a quick daily update as well.


Got up and took the pup on a 2 mile walk since The Huz is in Chi-town this week. I was so hungry on my walk, but I couldn’t decide what I wanted when I got home. Instead, I grabbed one of my latest addictions: Synergy. This time, I had the Superfruits flavor. It was so light and refreshing!

I spent the rest of the morning sitting around the apartment, occasionally playing with the pup when he brings a toy over or demands a head scratch and watching this dance over and over again.

Do you ever see something or hear a song and you just can’t get enough of it?

Around noon, I finally started to get hungry and I made a box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese with Aged Cheddar and threw in close to a pound of fresh, organic broccoli. I had one bowl and packed the rest up for later:


I also had one of my new granola squares – chocolate, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, etc – does it get much better than that??


After some much needed shopping in Brooklyn with The Huz Mom, I unpacked my groceries and had lunch part 2. I forgot to take pictures, so you’ll have to trust me about it’s deliciousness:

3 pieces dried mango (no sulfur)
3 1/2 small vegetarian grape leaves with a tsp of labne
1 piece of sesame candy and a fresh, juicy peach

I finished off this evening’s eats with the rest of my Mac&Cheese with Broccoli (and a tsp of homemade pesto) and then I had a small bowlful of roasted cashews, mini chocolate chips and sesame crisp. Not the most nutritious day by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I’m satisfied, right??

How much do you focus on the nutritional value of your food? Do you ever feel guilty for eating something that isn’t nutritious?

PS: I apologize for the terrible photo quality. The Huz took his camera to Chi-town (the nerve!!) so I’m taking pictures with my iPhone.


8 Responses

  1. Satisfaction is what matters most, chica. No apologies πŸ˜‰

    I don’t typically feel guilty about un-nutritious food, but sometimes I do regret a mental frame of mind that I bring to what I’m eating: I hate to eat when I’m hurried, stressed, mindless, in the middle of zombie-like TV watching, or otherwise out of touch with my bod. But that’s sort of why your satisfaction tonight is less relevant than what you ate — at least to me.

  2. of course i’ve felt guilty over eating something not as nutritious, and i believe about 99% of the population has too, whether they admit it or not. however, i’ve learned the best thing to do is not dwell on it, move on and get back on the horse!

  3. I can second Gena’s comment above, though I’m guilty of eating in front of TV ALLLLLL the time. Still, that’s consistent for me because it is something that brings me pleasure and for me it’s not something that takes away focus from the meal. I think you just have to figure out your own personal balance of good nutrition + good taste + good experience.

  4. At least you are satisfied is right. πŸ˜€ I honestly don’t pay much attention to the nutritional value of each food item I eat. I tend to think more about the overall picture of the day or week. I can’t be that meticulous. As for guilt, I’ve really stopped that and I am not sure how. I just don’t think it’s worth feeling guilty about eating something I want to eat. Like Gena, I do feel regret if I ate something for a reason other than hunger or because I didn’t actually want it. You know what I mean? Being stressed and pouring M & Ms in my mouth. No fun.

  5. I’m totally with you on the Synergy obsession. I just love those things! And Annie’s mac and cheese is the best… so fun to mix with veggies. πŸ™‚

    I think we all feel a little guilty if we know our day wasn’t exactly the most “nutritious,” but the important thing is that our OVERALL LIFESTYLE is nutritious. As long as the majority of your choices are healthy and your body is telling you that you’re satisfied, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. πŸ™‚


  6. I haven’t had broccoli in a week- I’m dying here!!

    I do feel guilty over stupid things- like tuesday’s sandwich thins. Come on april get a grip!!

  7. Yeah totally – I just blogged about having a meltdown over a complete overeating binge! We all do it and you can’t help but feel awful for it. I just try to think, there’s nothing you can do to change what’s happened so just start afresh!

  8. I have yet to try a Synergy drink (mental not to remember next time I am at WH Market). And your granola square looks soooo delish – I am off to find the recipe on your site!

    When I am in full clean-eating mode, I try to make nutritious choices 90% of the time. For the other 10% (about five meals a week since I eat 6x a day), I have whatever. BUT, when I have been eating like I have the past month (not the greatest), it seems like a 50-50 combo of clean-eating/whatever.

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