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Negligent Mama

I’ve been a very negligent blog mama. The good news is I spent the last few days being a very good mama to my puppy while The Huz was on his Man-cation with his guy friends. Bodhi and I spent lots of quality time snuggling on the couch, walking along the promenade, meeting up with Lindsay and her two adorable pugs for a while on Friday, and lots of treat eating (I’m secretly hoping he loves me more now, of course).

My eats (aside from some treats) over the weekend were generally very healthy and tasty. I had a few rough patches, but no one is perfect all the time! Some of the weekend highlights included making a whole container of (almost raw) cashew butter!! HEABs, I always think of you every time I make my own nut butter. Thanks for the inspiration! I saw “almost raw” because I threw in about half a cup of roasted salted cashews at the end to give the butter a little extra oomph. Also, I noticed that it didn’t seem to matter how long I processed it, it just wouldn’t turn into that oozy gooey wonderfulness I’m used to. My food processor actually got pretty hot in the process so I ended up stopping after a while! I noticed that it seemed more dry after leaving it in the fridge, so I’ve relocated it to the cupboard in hopes of it softening up a bit more. Any other suggestions?

The main reason I made the cashew butter (aside from its inherent awesomeness) was to fulfill the crucial ingredient demand in the recipe I tried from Eat Drink and Be Vegan! Knowing I had a long run planned for Saturday AM, I wanted a fairly carb-heavy, but vegan dish with a limited amount of oil. This meal was perfection! The completed dish was the Cashew Ginger Tofu recipe augmented with 2 heads of broccoli, 1 red pepper and 1 large carrot.


I served this with tricolor couscous I’d found at Sahadi’s. Couscous used to be a huge danger food for me. In high school, I was known to make a box of couscous, throw in some butter, and eat the whole thing. Oof. Friday was much more successful though, and I felt very satisfied by this meal. My only adjustment might be the preparation of a bit more sauce next time. The recipe doesn’t account for any of the veggies so it was spread pretty thin after I bulked up the dish and there wasn’t much cashew love leftover for the couscous. Live and learn though!

On Saturday, I woke up bright and early for a run with the lovely Melissa and one of my Boston friends. Melissa recently returned from South Africa and I hadn’t seen my Beantown friend in far too long so we had plenty to talk about as we trotted around Central Park. It also turned out my running buddies had gone to the same school for a brief period, though, sadly, not at the same time! We took a few walk breaks and I finished the run feeling strong and a little less fearful of the impending mileage jump in the coming weeks. After an easy walk home, LOTS of piriformis muscle stretching, and a long shower, my friend and I were very ready for some post-run grub. I leashed up the dog and we went to the diner at the end of the block for pressinis and fries. We both ordered the vegetarian sandwich – a simple tomato, basil and mozzarella and it was delicious! I also fancied up my dish with an order of sweet potato fries. Double yum! With full bellies and tired legs, we shambled home and promptly fell asleep to bad TV (13 Going On 30 and Say Yes To The Dress, to be specific).

Much of the rest of my weekend consisted of reading, taking walks, and relaxing. It was wonderful, but I was so glad to have The Huz back in my arms last night!

How do you like to spend your weekend if you suddenly realize you have an open schedule?

PS Check back later this week for a very exciting guest post from The Huz about the eats he enjoyed during his trip to Chi-town!!


12 Responses

  1. The run definitely left me feeling much more confident as well! Sounds like you had a lovely rest of the afternoon! Thanks for the great company!

  2. I am not the pro (that would be HEABs), but I keep all my nut butters in the cupboard. Easier to stir that way if the oil settles on top!

    What a fun day with Melissa…I bet that was a good workout! And 13 Going on 30…ah, I can’t help but like it πŸ™‚

  3. The Banana Coconut Bars would totally work with frozen bananas! Just let them thaw in the fridge first. πŸ™‚

  4. i LOVE say yes to the dress…haha! can’t wait to see how the hubs eats. happy tuesday!

  5. Sometimes its really nice to just spend time with the puppers- isn’t it? Glad you had such a nice weekend. When I find myself with a free weekend- I spend extra at the pool, gym, and reading!

  6. Oh, that is easy! I rent a movie or read. Alone. Phone goes off, computer gets shut. I need alone time whenever I can steal it.

  7. When I make nut butters raw nuts never get as creamy as roasted nuts. (God that sentence is really pervy). As for storage, I always keep ’em in the fridge and leave ’em out a little before I want to use them if they are really thick and can’t be spread.

  8. I have yet to make my own nut butter, but my fabulous eBay food processor is on its way and I see it in my future! As for now, however, I use Heather’s technique mentioned above of storing in the fridge but leaving it out for a little while before I want to use it. Usually does the trick.

    It’s hard to say what I do when my schedule suddenly frees up – it’s so rare that I don’t know in advance what’s going to happen, even if that’s nothing! I would say it’d be one or more of 3 things: 1) make/order tasty food and watch a movie; 2) call a few friends to see if they’re free to do #1 with me or otherwise; 3) go on an adventure by myself, like to the Natural HIstory Museum. LOVE THAT PLACE and do not go often enough. πŸ™‚

  9. sounds like a good weekend πŸ™‚

    I made my own cashew butter (raw), too, and it never turned as creamy as my almond butter, either. maybe the cashews need something else in with them?

    I love that meal!

    I love just doing stuff around the house that needs to get done or baking OR shopping πŸ™‚ with or without money. I like being able to take the time I want with no pressure to be anywhere and just enjoy myself.

  10. Hey! I sliced both the sweet potato and jicama very thin with a knife prior to baking. They were so yummy πŸ™‚

  11. I”m glad your having a nice time away from the blog!

    I want to make my own nut butter but I’m too impatient! haha. The meal you made looks fabulous though!


  12. more than anything, on weekends i have off, i like doing nothingness with my boy. and i mean NOTATHANG. 90210 on soapnet, PJs til 3 pm, ya know?

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