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Back on the Juice

I was so excited to have The Huz back on Sunday night, but Sunday nights always lead to Monday mornings (I just hate how that happens, don’t you?) and Monday mornings mean resuming life as a cube monkey. To start my day off on the right foot, I had the last of my homemade chocolate peanut butter granola bars with mixed fruit preserves.


While I enjoyed the granola bar, I made a fabulous new juice concoction!

3 romaine leaves
3 celery stalks
4 huge handfuls organic baby spinach
1 large carrot
1 Fuji apple
1 lime
1 medium hunk of ginger

Just look at that gorgeous tricolor juice!


I had half of my juice when I first got to work and I loved the addition of the carrot and lime. I’ve also made slight modifications to my juices this week (cucumber made a guest appearance on Wednesday thanks to Lara’s inspiration, and some days I’ve used lemon instead of lime).

Side note: Lara posted earlier this week about a piece of juice etiquette – how soon after juicing must you consume your juice? I, too, have heard that you must consume your juice within 20 minutes to reap the full nutritional benefits. While I do understand the concept of enjoying the juice when it’s as fresh as possible, I’m still convinced there are benefits to drinking it, even if I don’t get to it until later in the day. Can anyone provide insight on this?

Moving on…for lunches lately I’ve been having Amy’s meals. I realize these aren’t the most nutritious, but I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately and am trying to be realistic about my abilities in the kitchen. I’ve LOVED the recipes I’ve tried from ED&BV and I’m having a blast experimenting. But coming up with lunches every day gets to be exhausting! So, I’ve alternated between the black bean/veggie enchiladas:


And the Indian Mattar Tofu:


The good news is I’m focusing on vegetarian (and vegan, if I can swing it) eats during the majority of my days. Dinners this week have been a mixed bag – Monday was hummus, pesto, veggies and two vegetarian grape leaves:


Tuesday was Indian food at my in-laws’ apartment and they love their meat. I focused on the sauces of the dishes since the big hunks of meat (especially the ones on the bone, blech) didn’t really appeal to me, but it still wasn’t a vegetarian meal by any stretch.

Wednesday’s dinner was another new recipe! A few weeks ago, I bought a container of arborio rice on a whim while shopping at Agata & Valentina. I’d never made risotto before, but I’d seen a recipe in ED&BV (I think) and felt inspired. Well, not that inspired, since it took me several weeks to actually commit to a full-on recipe search, but still. It also helped that I recently received a package from FoodBuzz containing some of Emeril’s spices and his chicken stock! First of all, I have to say ‘thanks’ to FoodBuzz and the powers that be for giving me a chance to review these products! I’ve got Emeril’s Original Essence, Chicken Seasoning, and Horseradish Mustard sitting in my kitchen and I can’t wit to use them. For Wednesday’s meal, I opted to use the container of chicken stock to flavor the rice. The recipe actually called for vegetable broth, but I didn’t have any in the house so Emeril happily stepped in 😉

I modified this recipe from MyRecipes.com and came up with my own take on this Sweet Pea and Risotto with Corn Broth:


(Recipe will be posted soon!)

This risotto was a huge success for both me and The Huz. The acidity of the red wine vinegar really brought all the flavors together and I adored the pop of the fresh corn and sweet peas with each bite. Sometimes risotto can be too gelatinous, but this was really perfect- lots of vegetables to lighten the dish a bit, and the chicken stock gave the whole dish a wonderfully rich flavor. I also had enough corn broth leftover that I might have to come up with a way to spice it up as a soup this weekend!

I’ve ended my evenings this week with a sweet treat, much as I do most nights.

Tuesday’s dessert (Newman’s Fig Newmans, sesame candy, Newman’s Mocha Dark Chocolate):


Wednesday’s dessert (Fig Newmans and a scoop of homemade cashew butter):


On this weekend’s plate we’ve got:

1. Interesting farmers market finds

2. A delicious “Glo”ing food review 😉

3. Monday-Friday workouts and this weekend’s training run (and running fuel!)

What are your weekend plans??


4 Responses

  1. Oh goodness that enchillada looks yummy!

    And I love how your juice looks like a rainbow!

  2. holy yummola…that juice is beautiful! your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Your juice looks great! Thanks for the shout-outs 🙂 I think I’ve tried something similar, but I only had half a lime so I couldn’t really taste it. I’ll give it a try, but I do love my lemons.
    Have a great weekend, Katherine!
    Oh, and I do agree, I’m sure veggie juice is still a great addition even after 20 minutes, but I’d love to know an expert opinion!

  4. I am in shock that is a frozen meal, great work photog! good luck with your cooking endeavors, the risotto looks awesome

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