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Old MacDonald’s Farm Comes to NYC

Well, not quite Old MacDonald, but I’ll take what I can get in this concrete jungle. Every day I have the privilege of walking through Rockefeller Center when I go to the gym. During the summer, the open space between the buildings is filled with various streetside vendors. Sometimes, the restaurants under Rock Center venture above ground and peddle their wares to passersby. This is all well and good, but I much prefer the days when local farms can bring in their most recent harvest for the city folk to enjoy. On Thursday, I left “vomit class” and felt like I’d been transported to a beautiful field as soon as I walked out the door. The booth closest to the gym was spilling over with potted herbs, hanging vines and fresh cut flowers. Next to it, a woman handed out tongue depressors coated in sticky, sparkling local honey. A man with a baby strapped to his chest was letting the little one suck on his pinky finger to get a taste for herself. Bins and baskets, stained deep shades of red and green by their contents, spilled over with peaches, plums, apples, kale, beets, squash, and peppers. A dairy farmer handed out samples of fresh cow’s cheese and stacks of freshly baked pies and fresh pressed cider sat safely in giant coolers, collecting condensation that dripped idly down the sides.

In preparation for my risotto dinner, I bought 3 giant ears of locally grown corn from two men who looked like they belonged on Harleys rather than behind a corn stand. Tattoos covered their arms and necks, colors just as vibrant as the fruits and vegetables around me. At 50 cents each, I had to restrain myself a bit, but I knew I had a long walk home so I stopped at three ears. I could tell they’d be sweet and wonderful – three kernel colors, beautiful silk and clean stems. On to the next stand I moseyed. What did I happen upon but a delightful selection of plum varieties!


I picked up several of each variety and savored a Vampire Plum with my lunch that afternoon. At first, I wasn’t sure why such a harmless looking fruit should be aspersed by such a moniker. Then, just like a vampire, with one sharp bite through the skin, my teeth sank into the blood red flesh and I was enraptured.


The sweet juice hinted at a tartness I’d not yet tasted in this season’s plums. Before I knew what had happened, I looked down at the lonely pit and quickly began plotting my next venture to the farmers market for another victim. Thankfully, this city is replete with little shops full of local produce so I will never starve!

Where do you buy your local produce? What is your favorite summertime fruit or vegetable?

My other most recent treat came in the mail on Monday. Last month, I was the lucky winner of an SGBC giveaway courtesy of beautiful Angela – a whole variety pack of On The Glo Bars!! Ange and I were both a little worried that the people at US Customs might just take one look at the contents of this package and eat every last bar, but it made it to me safe and sound. Of course, once it was in my hands, the bars were in big trouble, but that’s another story! I tried Revive on Tuesday morning with another juice concoction.


Even before I took a bite I knew I was going to benefit from this bar. Just look at the ingredients list!

Ingredients: Oats, organic brown rice syrup, crisp rice cereal, semi sweet vegan chocolate, unsweetened coconut, hulled hemp seed, ground flaxseed, sesame seed, natural peanut butter, pure vanilla extract.
I loved the crispness of the rice cereal, and the sweetness of the chocolate made it taste so indulgent without being too sweet.
On Wednesday, I tried the Classic On The Glo Bar with a little spread of fruit preserves and a handful of cherries.
I’ve never used this phrase on my blog before, but HOLY YUM! Again, the ingredients list was of the caliber to make the Zone and Nutrigrain Bars stuffed in the back of my pantry blush with embarrassment.
 Ingredients: Oats, organic brown rice syrup, unsweetened coconut, hulled hemp seed, ground flaxseed, sesame seed, natural peanut butter, pure vanilla extract.
 So simple and so fantastic. I had been craving a PB&J sandwich the night before and this was so over the top delicious that bread might become just a faint memory. This breakfast kept me satisfied for 4 hours!
On Thursday, I brought Heaven to work with me. I’d hoped to save this as my afternoon/post-vomit class treat, but I could hear it calling my name from my desk drawer all morning. Around 10, I broke into this beauty and I think this might have been my favorite Bar yet! Angela described it best as “Chocolate, peanut butter, walnuts, almonds, and coconut unite to create one delicious ‘glo bomb’ of heavenly brownie delight.” She also said it’s the “perfect indulgent treat after a long day” but I happen to think it’s the perfect indulgent treat for ANY day!


Angela, thank you so much for the wonderful bars and I wish you all the best in your Glo Bakery endeavors! And to anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of tasting these GLO-rious morsels, what are you waiting for??


4 Responses

  1. Your so lucky you got to try the bars! I’m glad you enjoyed them! I think I’d like the peanut butter one best 🙂

  2. haha. Hopefully you found a few better “farms” during our run/grand central tour today.

    Congrats on being the OSG winner. I love Angela!

  3. That is so cool that you get to walk through Rockefeller Center when you go to the gym! The Farmer’s Market sounds fabulous–the way you described it I have it pictured in my mind and I want to go! 🙂 Favorite summertime fruit is probably watermelon 😀

  4. YAY for farmer’s markets! Aren’t they just dens of temptation?? Seriously.

    Sounds like Angela’s bars are a hit! As you observed, those concoctions beat the heck out of a Balance bar any day.

    Hope you’re staying cool, madam! Let’s hang out soon. 🙂

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