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Loooong Weekend Recap – Part 1

I’m sure you’ve been enjoying the updates and recaps posted by many of the other bloggers who were fortunate to attend the Healthy Living Summit this weekend in Boston, so I thought I’d add my two cents! To start, I actually flew up much early (Wednesday night) after a wonderful lunch, which I’ll recap in another post very soon. My flight up to Beantown went smoothly (I snacked on a ThinkThin bar on the plane) and I arrived almost 2 hours earlier than expected to my friend’s beautiful apartment. Once I’d settled in a bit, I met up with a friend at The Hill for a beer and a chicken quesadilla. We split the quesadilla and had some sour cream, guacamole (not as good as Gena’s, of course!) and salsa. I liked that the food wasn’t greasy at all – it was a great way to finish my meals for the day since lunch had been so large. Another friend met up with us and it felt like old times – having a drink with old friends in our old hangout spot, watching the Red Sox win and catching up.

On Thursday, I worked from the Boston office and had a chance to catch up with some more wonderful friends. We went to Houston’s for lunch, where I had a Rainbow Roll, which was just right since I wanted to save room for fro-yo!


After work, two friends and I headed to the new Equinox in the financial district for an awesome class called “Hard Line Cardio” – the class was set up with 4 lines of equipment (Bosu balls, hand weights, glider pads) and we progressed through the lines with intense cardio circuits in between. This was a tough class, but not so tough that we couldn’t handle Pilates Fusion at North End Yoga an hour later! Well, that’s not true. It was a TOUGH fusion class – lots of lunges, plies, planks and leg work. It was an incredible class in an absolutely beautiful space.


After class, Jenn and I headed out for some dinner at Grezzo. This restaurant was opened by Alissa Cohen, whom I very much respect, and it’s the only raw vegan restaurant in Boston. While we waited for our appetizer, we perused the 40 reasons to be raw:


We also snacked on a few olives:


We shared the Grezzo Sliders – house-made patties on vine-ripened tomato, pomme frites and pickles, creamy bleu cheese dressed hydroponic watercress:


We were absolutely blown away by these – the amazing indian spices in the patties made from seeds and other ingredients really made the dish. The pomme frites were dehydrated sweet potato slices and they were unreal!

Our entree was the Native Tomato Ravioli – house-made black olive boursin, mint, fennel fronds, flat leaf parsley and truffle. The three seeded “breadsticks” were so good and we used these to soak up the truffle and chili oils. The “cheese” was so smooth and the greens and tomatoes were so delicate. This dish was absolutely divine.



Even though we were happy to share our appetizer and entree, we knew we had to order two desserts. Jenn ordered the Apple Pave a la Mode – sweet and tart apples, lucuma caramel, whole clove ice cream. No joke, this dish was the perfect deconstructed apple pie. Small piles of “crust” crumbles dotted the plate and every bite was delicious.


I ordered the Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich with Coconut Milk shot. Hands down, this was my favorite – the luscious coconut milk, chocolate/agave syrup and moist, rich cookies mixed perfectly with the decadent crisp mint of the gelato.



This was one of the best dishes I’ve ever had – it even rivaled the Mint Ice Cream sundae from Pure! Looks like I’ll have to try both again at some point to make a final decision 😉

By the time we finished enjoying Jenn’s first raw meal experience and catching up on recent events, it was pretty late, so I headed home and slept soundly in my friend’s super comfy bed!

More on Tuesday about the main event – The Healthy Living Summit!


6 Responses

  1. Ugh woman, I should NOT have read this while hungry! 😀

  2. I’ve been dying to get to Grezzo!

  3. Holy cow that dessert looks fabulous!

  4. The food looks divine. The raw chocolate ice cream sammy…music to my ears. I would love to know how they make the sandwich patty. Dates, cocoa and…well, who knows but the pics look amazing. Thank you for posting! Sadly, San Diego has not one raw restaurant so B-Town is doing better than SoCal.

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