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Get In My Belly!!

I couldn’t help saying the title of my post in the Fat B*stard voice from Austin Powers 😉

Anyhow, that’s what I said to my breakfast on Wednesday morning! Last week, I mixed up some oatmeal to take with me to Boston for the Healthy Living Summit. Silly me for doubting the breakfast options, but go me for planning ahead and having a great breakfast the other days I was there! I used a bit more of the mix today and threw in some extras:

– 1/2 c. oatmeal with unsweetened cocoa powder, pinch of cinnamon, dried cranberries, mini chocolate chips

– 1 spoonful forest berry preserves

– 1 spoonful Smuckers Naturals Peanut Butter (I love that The Huz buys PB when I’m out of town!)



Lunch #1 was an Amazing Grass SuperFood Chocolate Bar from the HLS Swag Bag.


Maybe something was wrong with my taste buds last time I tried this because I wasn’t a fan then. This time, however, I loved it! Maybe I’m just a sucker for all things chocolate, but this bar was really very tasty. There’s no mistaking that it’s chock full of green goodness, and there’s a distinct aftertaste, but the little chunks of nuts and dried fruit really make this a great pre- or post-workout option.

After my workout/reading session on the stairclimber, I dug into a MASSIVE salad I ordered from Chop’t. I’d had a $5 off coupon for SeamlessWeb so I figured I’d capitalize on the options the site provided.


This salad had mesclun greens, avocado, smoked tofu, black beans, fresh corn, broccoli, carrots and red onion. OMG it was delicious! I ordered the “Spa” Texmex dressing, which is supposedly lower in fat, but I would have enjoyed it no matter how many calories it had. Make no mistake, this was one spicy salad, but boy oh boy was it good. I actually had to leave a few bites at the end because it was so big, but you can bet I’ll go back to Chop’t next time I have another coupon!

I was in the mood to try a new recipe and had picked up the required ingredients on Tuesday night before my motivation was totally sapped with the humidity. When I got home from work, I got to work on this, with a portion of soba noodles on the side. (I followed the recipe exactly, but used sriracha for the chili paste)


Overall, I’d give this recipe a B. I think I cooked the shrimp too long, so they were a bit tough, and I should have sliced the onions, rather than chopping them. If you make this recipe, I strongly recommend removing the veggies after sauteing for a few minutes to drain the liquid that leeches from the onions. I had to cook the whole dish for over 5 minutes to get the sauce to thicken, which probably contributed to the toughness of the shrimp. All that said, it was a good dish and I suppose I should upgrade the recipe rating since the changes I suggested are due to “chef error”! 🙂


The Huz was kind enough to share his Haagen Dazs stash with me and I had a tasty vanilla with dark chocolate bar for dessert (and a few dried cranberries, how did those get into my hands??). Yum yum!

Random question for you all: Do you prefer the pool or the beach?


10 Responses

  1. ohhh what a yummy day of eats! that salad looks mighty fine and the soba/shrimp combo looks delightful as well!

    i prefer the beach…nothing like the real thang 🙂

  2. i love shrimp noodle dishes like that.

    I love the beach, but the pool is great, too.

  3. Yummy eats! I love those bars because of the chocolate and nuts.. but that green color is a tad strange!

  4. Haha love that movie – total guilty pleasure 😀

    I’m more of a city girl, so I really don’t prefer either scene – but since Martha’s Vineyard has GORGEOUS beaches (and I love MV), I’ll go with beach.

  5. Pool. No sand in my chach and higher likelihood of cabana boys and cocktails delivered to my hand.

    I have similar feelings about the Chocolate Superfood bar. It’s kinda weird at first…and then it’s delicious. I’ll take it.

  6. I love both. I love seeing/playing in the waves, and that there are so many interesting people there. But I have a short attention span for the beach. I can stay at the pool for hours, as long as I have a magazine or mp3 player, but for the beach? Two hours max, and by then, I`m already fidgety.

  7. love the title of the post. all your meals look delish. I totally want oatmeal with pb now!

  8. how weird that you liked the green superfood this time. maybe i should give it a second shot??

    that PBJ oatmeal looks ammmmmazing.

    i prefer the pool with a beach view 😉 haha…
    i like the water front view that the beach offers, but since the sun and i arent the best of friends, i like that the pool often means i get umbrella-action to shade me.

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