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Weekly Workout Recap 8/17 – 8/23

Happy Monday, lovelies!! I hope you all had wonderful weekends. I’m sipping my cafe americano and buckling down for a quick and dirty 3 days at work before I take another long weekend. Ah summer, how I will miss you! This past week, my workouts played out like this:

Monday: 2.5 mile jog with Bodhi on the East River Promenade. It was hot hot HOT this morning!

Tuesday: 4ish mile jog to/through Central Park with Bodhi. I decided to just run and keep an eye on my watch to make it back to the apartment in 40-45 minutes. This turned out to be a great tactic! We trotted down the quick N-S blocks and loped across the avenue blocks and found ourselves below 72nd St in no time. After a quick sprint up a conveniently placed hill, we darted over to the fountain/lagoon just north of 72nd and then up to somewhere in the mid-80s before heading home. Bodhi is such a great companion for these early morning runs. When we leave the house, he’s bursting with energy so he helps get some pep in my step. Around mile 2, his steam finally runs out and he’s happy to trot along behind me, which helps distract me from my own fatigue. I practiced my motivational speaking as we crossed back to the east side by coaching him to keep up with me as we sprinted across intersections and clipped tight corners at a markedly faster pace than we’d set at the start.

Wednesday: 40 minutes on stairclimber. Not often, but occasionally, I have a total token workout. Once in a while, I take a class and just can’t get into the groove. Other times, I step on the treadmill and just kind of jog/walk for a little while. I’ve even been known to go to the gym only to sit in the sauna for 15 minutes and then go back to work. Wednesday’s workout was a small step above the sauna routine. Around 1:30, I was sitting at my desk and began the age-old debate: to gym or not to gym. I started to think up all kinds of excuses not to go. Maybe I’d run later in the evening. Maybe I’d do some yoga at home. Maybe I’d just take a day off and eat less dinner. And then I realized I just had to get myself up out of my chair and out the door, not for a calorie burn or to give myself permission to eat dessert later, but because working up a sweat would make me feel good. Well, and it gave me a chance to read another 60 pages of Eclipse 😉

Thursday: STOKED! – I couldn’t break away from work in time for BodySurge, but I did make it to Kira’s abs class, which was followed immediately by STOKED . This class is inspired by the Core Fusion classes at Exhale Spa, where Kira taught for 5 years. Lots of c-curve ab work, low weight and high rep arm exercises and muscle isolating moves that turned my entire body into a quivering pile of jelly by the end. It was wonderful!

Friday: REST. My legs were sore from Thursday’s class and I had mucho work to get done so I took a quick walk at lunch to find some grub and did some stretching when I got to the Hamptons that night.

Saturday: 15.25 miles in the Hamptons! In preparation for my run, I packed leftover broccoli tofu stirfry with soba noodles and cashews for the road. Even though we went to bed pretty late that night (midnight?), I was up at 6am prepping for my run. I ate a Cherry Pie Larabar and had a glass of water while filling my fuel belt bottles and reviewing my route.  As you can see, it wasn’t the most intuitive run in the world, but at least it was on quiet roads so I had to worry about fewer crazy drivers. I wish I’d taken a picture of the paper I used to write the directions – I took about 1/3 of a white envelope and covered it with the turns in the smallest handwriting I could manage. Then, in a stroke of genius, I covered the whole thing with Scotch tape to protect it from sweat and/or rain. I grabbed my mother’s cell phone since I’d left my watch back in the city and snuck out the front door and into the mist as quietly as possible. I started the run with a pretty positive attitude. The storm seemed to be holding off, the air was heavy with moisture, but the temperature was still moderate. As I cruised down toward the beach, I was feeling pretty good.

By mile 7 though, my outlook had taken a turn for the worse. I wasn’t getting into any of my music, I was tired of the hills, the skies were looking more ominous, and the mist was starting to fall, rather than burn off. I popped Sports Beans in my mouth and managed to only choke on one. Shortly before I hit the county park, the rain picked up and I briefly contemplated bagging the rest of my run and calling for a ride home. Instead, I huddled under a tree for a few minutes, trying my best to keep my ipod and the phone as dry as possible. Soon, I was able to brave the misty rain again and headed into the park where I was met by the glorious scent of campfires and bacon. Suddenly, I was considering the sale of my first born, soul or just about any other offering that would allow me to stretch out next to the smoldering embers of someone’s fire while wrapped up in a sleeping bag and sipping a cup of coffee. Even though I shot a dirty look to the brat children who almost ran me over on their dirt bikes (seriously, who is dirt biking at 8am?!), I did not linger for long and forced my legs to carry on.

I had a Chocolate Outrage GU as I turned on to Alewive Brook Road and almost burst into tears. MORE HILLS. I know I should have seen this run as a great opportunity to bank some solid hill work, but it just about broke my spirit. I suppose my stubborn-as-a-mule personality has its perks once in a while though, because I’m absolutely certain that’s the only reason I’m not still sitting on the side of that road. Somewhere around mile 14, I felt my first (ever!) running blister burst on the outside of my left big toe and I was forced to adjust my gait to compensate. Toward home I hobbled, skipping song after song, until I reached “our song” – Fat Bottomed Girls. That’s right, folks. It’s so much “our song” that The Huz and I almost had it arranged for a brass quartet so it could be our wedding recessional last year. I can’t tell you how this ended up being our song, but thank God it found its way to #1 on my ipod and carried me home. (Also, I can’t believe this, but it came back on ipod now as I’m writing this post!!)

While it’s no ice bath, the dip I took in the pool as soon as I returned to the house was a big help – psychologically as much as physically. The mug of coffee, banana bread (more on this later this week!) and fresh fruit probably helped a bit too. Oh, and the fact that I had the whole day with my parents to look forward to! As predicted, I’d arrived home just as everyone was beginning to stir – some sat on the deck with their coffee and the morning paper, others showered and sliced fresh fruit. I grumbled about my run for a few minutes and then put it behind me as much as possible.  The fact is, each run is a different experience. Some runs trascend time and place. I jog along, unable to restrain the grin on my face. Sometimes I sweat out a tough interval run and collapse at the end, euphoric but exhausted. And sometimes a run leaves me feeling terribly grouchy and drained. This was the way of Saturday’s run. However, if I’ve learned one thing from my training in the past, it’s the importance of perspective. I had one (very) lousy run. No big deal. What did I do after? I swam in the pool, ordered new shoes online (no more blisters from old shoes, thank you very much!), and reveled in the company of my loving family. And then I took the dog out for a speedy 3 miles this morning to banish any lingering negative feelings I might have hiding in the wings.

In summary, here is the run by the numbers (the kind I track):

Miles run: 15.25
Deer I  chased: 3
Mosquito bites: 4 – all received during a walk break, that’ll teach me
Carb boosts: 2 – sports beans and Gu
Water bottles: 4 – though I swear I’d consumed all 6
Rest stops to enjoy the beach view: 3 – Sammy’s Beach twice and once at the end of Alewive Brook Rd.
Turkeys: 7 – I actually had to stop to let them all cross the road. No one wants to perish in a fight with a pack of wild turkeys
Rabbits: too many to count
Times I thought about quitting: 100239457203495723452
Times I quit: NEVER

Be well, all!

PS Check out Melissa’s AWESOME giveaway today! I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying to check out Physique 57 and I love the idea of getting the benefits of their classes in my own home 🙂


14 Responses

  1. Your a workout queen! I’m impressed! I’d love to try that stoked class… it sounds great!


  2. Happy Monday! i love the numbers you keep track of while running 🙂

  3. Way to stick with your long run on Saturday. It sounded tough! Also, did you change your feed reader to only show the first paragraph on purpose? If so, why? It’s so much easier to read blogs at work in the feed reader 🙂

    • Hi Krista,

      I didn’t intentionally change the paragraph/full post setting, but I started using Ecto to create my posts recently and I wonder if that has something to do with it!

  4. Wow! Really enjoying the new layout!!! Great workout recap 🙂

  5. I wish I lived closer, I would love to be your workout buddy! A mere 3000 miles apart though I’m thinking. Thanks for your recap!

  6. I love “Fat Bottomed Girls!” One of the spinning instructors at my gym always puts that in his mix. I always cracks me up when it comes on, but also puts me in such a good mood.

  7. My goodness! Over 15 miles?! You deserve a medal, lady! That is just heroic 😉

  8. […] Up and at ‘em for an early 3ish miles with Bodhi. Felt good to shake the rust off after my tough 15 miler two days earlier. I opted to run 3:30 and walk 60 seconds to do a little experimentation with the […]

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