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Weekly Workout Recap (7/24-7/30)

Monday: Up and at ’em for an early 3ish miles with Bodhi. Felt good to shake the rust off after my tough 15 miler two days earlier. I opted to run 3:30 and walk 60 seconds to do a little experimentation with the run/walk Galloway method, per Angela’s recent post. I definitely still felt like I had plenty of energy at the end of this run and I liked knowing that I had a walk break coming up every few minutes! It also was nice to change my approach to walking a bit – I’ve always felt like walking = failure when I went out of a run in the past. This was a nice change of pace (har har).

Tuesday: Zumba! Looks like, against my better judgment, I’m beginning to get a knack for this Zumba thing. Not that I can actually dance yet, but at least I’m starting to remember some of the moves and I think I’m actually learning how to do a body roll! Tonight’s class was a great workout – lots of lunges, lots of plies, and LOTS of body rolls. And, per the instructor’s directions, I remembered to “suck in my breakfast” the whole time, so I got a decent core workout too.

Wednesday:3.5 mile jog + quick core workout. My coworker and I had planned to do a tough interval workout on the treadmill, but when I received news that an old friend was moving back to Boston over Labor Day weekend, I moved my long run to Thursday so we could run together. Not wanting to burn myself out, but still wanting to get some cardio in, I opted for more of a 3.5 mile “mosey” while watching some REALLY bad TV (as in The T.O. Show) and then did an old core routine for the last 10 minutes. Crunches, obliques, pushups, side leg lifts – nothing special, but it covers most muscles in a very short amount of time!

Thursday: 14 mile run – Normally I like to get my long runs in on the weekend. I can run, shower and then pass out for a few hours and don’t have to worry about anything else. Since our dog walker was on vacation this week, The Huz and I split the week and I took Thursday and Friday as vacation days. Bright and early on Thursday morning, our friend arrived in the city to join me on our weekly long run. Unlike the rain weather of my last run, and the intense heat of late, Thursday’s long run was enjoyed in relative comfort. Mid 70s, slightly overcast, a touch of a breeze – pretty much perfect running weather. Not wanting to bother with my fuel belt, Kate and I agreed we’d stop at water fountains periodically and I shared my sports beans with her around mile 7. While this wasn’t my fastest training run, I realized the true joy of running for fun. We weren’t running to break any records. We were just running. I also realized how tough it can be to break through “the wall” if you’re having a bad run, and how challenging it can be to be the struggling runner’s buddy. Kate has been such a trooper over the last 6 months and I honestly believe she’s going for some kind of medal running 14+ miles at this point, but that doesn’t mean she’s coasting. On Thursday, she pushed herself. Big time. I saw her fight with demons, mostly mental ones, and I saw her prevail. Several times on our run, I asked her to shut her inner voice off and to just run with me. She was fighting with her fears – was she strong enough? were her legs strong enough? was she too tired? would she make it? My challenge was knowing when to give her space and when to push her. Sometimes, I pushed and was plodded along for another minute or two before our scheduled walk break. Other times, I understood that she needed to work through something herself so I trotted ahead a bit, leaving her with the quiet she needed. More important than the mileage or our speed were our other accomplishments. We both challenged ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. And, most importantly, we took time to celebrate what we’d done. Fresh and clean an hour later, we wandered over to the diner and savored ooey gooey grilled muenster cheese on multigrain seeded bread with huge pickle spears and a side of crispy delicious french fries. Kate sipped on her raspberry smoothie and I rehydrated with much needed ice water. We talked, laughed and reflected on our morning and realized we wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Friday: Rest Day (and DMV day from hell). I won’t say more about this since my twitter updates were pretty comprehensive on Friday. I’ll just say that I will never get those 3 hours of my life back and for that I am truly sorry. Also, I want to give a medal to Bob and the US Post Office near my apartment for brightening my day.

Saturday: Rest Day – We drove to the Hamptons on Friday night in preparation for The Huz Mom’s birthday BBQ but a pesky hurricane/tropical storm/nuisance proved to be too much. Though it rained all day and night, we had an absolutely lovely time with everyone as we hosted the party at the house, rather than the beach, and I have renewed respect for The Huz and Huz Dad’s grilling abilities.

Sunday: 4ish mile jog with Bodhi. Since I’d taken two rest days in a row, I wanted to get a light jog in on Sunday. Retracing a bit of the route from the 15 miler (oh how it brought the memories flooding back), and sang along to most of The Big Chill soundtrack, which probably kept the wildlife away. As usual, Bodhi had lots of energy on the outward bound route and I found myself dragging him up the final hills as we ambled home. Perhaps my boy needs to do some psychological condition for his running too? 😉

Hope you all had wonderful weekends and here’s to a great week!!


2 Responses

  1. sounds like a great week! the weather for your 14 miler sounds perfect 🙂

  2. omg, i had my own Manhattan DMV from hell experience on friday. 4 hours of waiting in line (2.5 were standing up). why, why, why does it have to be SO awful? wahh. i immediately got ice cream from Mr. Softee afterwards. it helped calm me down 🙂

    happy labor day!

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