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Discombobulated (Can You Ever Be “Combobulated”?)

Thing 1: I received a call last night with some really bad news from a close friend.

Thing 2: I received this news last night while The Huz was stuck in New Jersey helping his coworkers pack up their warehouse to move to a new office. They were informed by their boss at 3:30pm that they had until midnight to move the entire place. Needless to say, The Huz arrived home stressed, tired, and hungry. He hadn’t eaten since noon and he’d been lifting boxes and driving sketchy moving vans. I ordered a pizza for him that arrived shortly after he did and I think I must have absorbed some of his stress, which only added to the stress of the news I’d received earlier. I went on autopilot and found myself in an uncomfortable food coma 2 big slices of pepperoni and mushroom pizza (and a chocolate chip cookie) later. I’m sure I would have been able to bounce back relatively easily from this if it hadn’t been for….

Thing 3: The Huz’ boss called at 3am, panic stricken about a missing server. This is the same boss who hadn’t helped with the move b/c he had a date. Guess the date didn’t end too well since he was in New Jersey at the new warehouse when he called. The Huz spent 10 groggy minutes trying to direct his boss through the boxes and cars that were stashed in the new office. I’m so glad neither of us had too much trouble falling back to sleep, but STILL. I wouldn’t complain so much if I was married to a doctor or a fireman or something (and yes, partially because I think both professions are totally sexy), because those jobs can actually involve life-or-death matters. A missing server is no such matter and I was not thrilled.

As a result of Things 1, 2, and 3, I woke up understandably discombobulated. (Side note: I freaking LOVE that Word spell checker knows that word) I made my lunch for the day and grabbed a ThinkThin bar (240 cal) for breakfast on my walk to work.

Before leaving the house, I took a few minutes of quiet time and sipped on some Tazo Zen tea while reading Kath’s KERFday post. Happy KERFday!! I also read some of her old posts and started thinking about the changes/adjustments I’ve been making in my life and my blog in the past 3 months. I’m going to try an experiment for the next two weeks and I’m going to track the calories I eat. However, I’m not going to track with the idea of limiting. I’m just going to track and see where my “net calories” fall. During marathon training in 2007 I struggled a great deal with adjusting to an increased cardio regimen and learning to balance my meals accordingly.

Some things I will do:

  • Track approximate calories eaten and burned as calculated by SparkPeople.com
  • Note cravings/hunger cues as appropriate
  • Enjoy the food I eat!

Some things I will not do:

  • Measure exact portions with measuring cups and spoons (I already know this leads me down a dark and scary emotional path)
  • Exercise to compensate for food (My CBT treatment focused a lot on my propensity for compensatory exercise.
  • Limit the foods I eat. (I have generally tried to cut back on red meat lately and I’ve been enjoying this, but I’m not cutting anything out of my diet at this point.)

5 Responses

  1. EEK! Understandably discombobulated! So sorry you had this stuff thrown at you–hope you feel like yourself again soon. 😦

  2. It’s so hard to just enjoy food sometimes! I went to some really helpful workshops in college where we talked about eating issues and body image and all that good useful stuff, and I remember her drumming into us over and over that we should try to not think that there are good foods, and bad foods– but that it’s all just food. It’s so hard to do that, but when you can manage, it takes you back to a simpler, happier place where you just enjoy eating and living and feeling good about things that make you good. Good luck with your 2 week plan, I hope it is a great success!

  3. So sorry about your colleague. That is so sad.
    I like your attitude with the calorie counting and I hope it serves its purpose for you 🙂

  4. hope things brighten up soon. I am thinking of you.

  5. im so sorry – i dont know what to say. sometimes loss is so inexplicable. my thoughts are with your coworkers fam.

    your hubz’ boss sounds like a needy child. kinda annoying. no wonder the date didnt go well…

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