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Greetings from Paradise!

As I type this, I am sitting on a sun splashed porch, wrapped in a cozy fleece blanket. A cool breeze brings goosebumps to my skin and I counter their arrival with a sip of green tea infused with lemon.


My dog is asleep at my feet; my paramour is living the wild life jet skiing on Lake Champlain; and I occasionally glance out at the brilliant cerulean water, wondering if I can see him bouncing over the wake of small boats. This is my idea of paradise. Peaceful, natural, pure paradise.



We drove up to our friend’s parents’ place Friday morning and it’s been sheer bliss since we arrived. I ate two of these delectable bars in the car:


For the lunch portion of our driving food, I had cucumber, red pepper and carrot spears dipped in veggie pesto (inspired by Miss Betsy!)


Bodhi alternated between two looks, wide awake:


and fast asleep:


Friday afternoon/evening included games of bocce, perfectly grilled shrimp, decadent chocolate cake and a rousing game of Cranium. I learned I’m terrible at identifying songs when The Huz hums them, but I excel at spelling words backwards and drawing with my eyes closed. Who knew?

I started Saturday off with half a whole wheat bagel covered in Barney Butter from the Healthy Living Summit. Shortly after 7am, I headed out for my weekly long run – 18 miles, my longest distance so far this go ’round. The friend we’re visiting ran the Green Mountain last year (and by ‘ran,’ I mean he owned the marathon – 3:24!). Using the course map, we plotted a simple out-and-back route that would sure to impress. Dirt roads, glimpses of the majestic lake poking through the protective tree cover, crickets and butterflies, llamas!!, and even a few hills to keep things fresh and interesting.

Like last week, I chose to do a run/walk combination. I ran for 7-8 minutes and walked for 1 for the duration of the run. Even though I didn’t end up with a negative split (second half faster than the first) like I’d secretly been pining for, I am still very pleased with how it went. Each time I started to feel tired, I reminded myself that I only had a few minutes to go before I could take a minute to recover. Toward the end, the 7 minutes started to drag, of course, but I distracted myself with the musical stylings of Jackie Wilson, Michael Jackson and White Snake. Can we say “random playlist”?? 🙂

All told, I covered 18.33 miles. The first half was just under 90 minutes and the second half was 94 minutes. Since I’m loosely shooting for a 4:30 marathon, this is a decent sign. If I’d kept my pace and routine for the full 26.2 today, I would have finished right around there, give/take a minute. I’ll take it!

More importantly, the key numbers are as follows:

Miles run: 18.33
Pounds of dirt I picked out of my shoes when I got back to my car: 2ish?
Sports beans consumed: two packs
Sports beans choked on: ZERO!
Llamas I saw and waved at: 2 (because, honestly, if you saw a llama, wouldn’t you wave hello too?)
Little yellow butterflies: 10
Beautiful purple wildflowers: 4350493857039450345
Bales of hay: hundreds
White picket fences: One, stretched over a mile long down an adorable little dirt road
Photo ops I noted while running: (all of the above + 100)

Hopefully I will get to drive the route before we depart on Monday so I can take pictures so you don’t have to rely on my romantic, endorphin-laced ramblings and can see the beauty for yourself.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!!


10 Responses

  1. GORGEOUS views!!

    Mmm, that Heaven bar looks like it contains a delicious mix of ingredients – yum!!

  2. What beautiful scenery! And awesome run! I’m really impressed!

  3. wow amazing run. sounds so scenic!

  4. The heaven bar looking mighty fine. I need a little Heaven bar around here! Enjoy the beautiful scenery on your workouts and downtime while you can!

  5. 18 miles?! ROCKSTAR!

    I love how descriptive this post is…had me longing for a relaxing vacation!

  6. Ugh, amazing getaway. I can’t decide whether I like lakes or oceans better. I’ll just take both. 🙂

    Sounds like you had a fabu Labor Day weekend!

  7. wow you really are in paradise – complete with the heaven bar (dates and carob, yes plzz) and gorgeous views. enjoy!!

  8. […] a truly magnificent weekend in paradise, we eased back into the week pretty gradually. Tuesday was busy busy busy, but I started it off […]

  9. […] a truly magnificent weekend in paradise, we eased back into the week pretty gradually. Tuesday was busy busy busy, but I started it off […]

  10. Just what exactly honestly encouraged you to post Blackout Shades
    “Greetings from Paradise! | A Runner Wife’s Life”? I personallycertainly loved the blog post! Thank you ,Betsy

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