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Are You High On Sugar?

Note: I forgot my camera at home on Tuesday so I have no food pictures. Apologies for the text-heavy post!

After a truly magnificent weekend in paradise, we eased back into the week pretty gradually. Tuesday was busy busy busy, but I started it off with something I’d read about over at Meghann’s blog. I modified it slightly and ended up with a Tall Awake Tea Latte with 1 pump of Pumpkin Spice syrup (180 cal). I got the small size b/c I wasn’t sure how I’d like it and I limited the syrup to 1 pump since I’m trying to keep an eye on sugar intake a bit. Survey says? SUCCESS!! This was a delicious drink that I enjoyed straight through my morning work. I loved the spice from the syrup and the slight caffeine bump from the tea.

I got hungry around 11 and had a bowl of oatmeal with maple syrup, cinnamon and a pinch of salt (240 cal). As much as I love adding nut butters and fruits to my oatmeal, I think I’ve gotten into an “everything but the kitchen sink” habit and my morning meals were getting awfully calorie heavy.

At 1, I went to the gym for a little reading stairclimber workout and core work. I did 35 minutes of interval training and then dropped down to the mat for my old standard quickie workout (2-3 circuits of the following):

15 regular crunches
15 crunches with legs in tabletop position
15 crunches with legs straight up
15 bicycles
15 girly pushups
30 side leg lifts each side
15 back extensions

For lunch, I had a rocking PB&J sandwich. I’d looked through the bread selection at the grocery store before going to work and was sad to see so many breads packed with HFCS, white flour and partially hydrogenated-this or that. I’ve been reading the lovely HEABs’ blog much more lately and I’ve been balancing her thoughts on sugar intake with my recent food experiments – raw/juicing/low carb/high carb etc. I don’t know if I’d ever be satisfied limiting my fruit intake significantly, but I think she’s got some great points as far as the “white” ingredients go – white sugar, white flour, white rice, white potatoes, etc. She also seems to have a much more realistic perspective than, say, this article about the “No White Foods Diet“.

While looking into this topic a bit more, I came across this article from MSNBC about fad diets. The excerpt about “no white foods” follows:

The NO white-food diet
  White food is the enemy and is completely removed from the diet. That means NO white bread, bagels, crackers, pasta, rice, white potatoes or dairy.

Pros: Forces you to eat colorful fruits and vegetables, which are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber — fantastico! This diet also helps cut out a lot of “empty calories” we take in via refined starch … and encourages whole grains over refined starch (for example, brown rice over white rice, whole-wheat pasta over white pasta, whole-grain bread over white bagels).

Cons: Whole grains typically have the same amount of calories as their white counterparts … they’re just healthier. So if you don’t moderate the whole grains, you won’t lose weight. What’s more, some folks take this “no white food” literally and avoid white food and beverages that are nutrient-dense, like skim milk, yogurt, onions, cauliflower and tofu.

Leave it to mainstream America to take an idea (however ill-informed or baseless) and run with it. Do people really think they can swap out white pasta with whole wheat and lose 20 pounds? Obviously you still have be conscious of portion sizes! And you’d be hard pressed to find a person who thinks the real issue is just the color of the food. No more cauliflower b/c it’s white? Seriously?!

I digress…

Back to lunch…the one bread I found that didn’t container HFCS and white flour was Pepperidge Farm Vitality Multigrain with Ancient Grains Bread. I was sad to see sugar was the second ingredient, but I was happy about some new grains popping up (chia seeds!) in the mix. I also LOVED the texture and size of the bread. (As did Heather and Mark!!) Instead of the smaller sandwiches yielded by Ezekiel bread, these slices made triangle big enough that I got jam on the corners of my mouth when I took a bite. Just like being a kid again!

When I got home, I took Bodhi for a walk and snacked on a handful of raw almonds before heading to The Huz Parents’ apartment for tasty indian dinner. I did have some white rice to soak up the delicious curry sauces, but I was more aware of my portions.  For dessert, I had two squares of Newman’s Own Organics Orange Dark Chocolate. Like I said, I’m not giving up ALL sugar! 🙂

Do you limit your sugar intake?


3 Responses

  1. Honestly, sugar is somehow one of the things I don’t pay a lot of conscious attention to. I hardly ever have white carbs, but I often have dessert…is that a balance? 😉 I agree though, that it takes much more than just switching out the “white stuff” to lose weight. It DOES help, but we know it’s not the whole story!

  2. …I’ve been overweight before and was eating whole rather than white grains. LOTS of ww bread, brown rice, and ww pasta…there is a much larger equation at work, I agree!

  3. OMG mainstream america is so whacked that not much can save it…not even the promised-land no-white diet LOL. I dont eat any white, primarily b/c I cannot do gluten and that’s in 90% of the whites. Never been a potato girl so no worries there. I also am one who does not count sugar grams. Seriously, I have no idea. I know that I need a fair amount of carbs, that’s just my body, and I have no issue eating fruit, agave, gasp….dark chocolate. But I am raw and vegan and gluten, soy, etc. free so really, I just eat the natural foods I want and not stress. Nice post!

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