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Bouncing Back

Note #2: I promise I remembered my camera today, but I’m sorry I forgot it again yesterday!!

I slept horribly on Tuesday night – up at 2am wide awake and dozed on the couch until 7am when I had to get up for work. As usual, I was tired, but I knew the effects wouldn’t hit me until today. Since I was pretty out of it, I moved slower and didn’t have time to stop for a latte. Instead, I got right into work and looked up at 11am realizing I hadn’t had anything to eat. (Since when did this become something I do? I thought I was the girl who woke up from dreams all about oatmeal and green monsters??)

I had a 1/2 cup of oats with pumpkin pie spice and a pinch of salt (200 cal). Even though I love pumpkin pie, there’s something about the seasoning in oatmeal that just hits me the wrong way. After a bit of research last night, I think it must be the nutmeg. I’ve never been a big fan of nutmeg and never thing to add it to things on its own.

Do you dislike specific spices or flavors?

Still swamped with work, I resigned myself to missing the gym and consoled myself with another magnificent peanut butter and preserves sandwich (440 cal). I finished off the Smucker’s making the sandwich that morning so now it’s on to the jar of Barney Butter I got from the Healthy Living Summit!

I had a ThinkThin bar (240 cal) as an afternoon snack hoping it would improve my flagging spirit. Alas, no such reprieve was in the stars. Instead, I started to feel worse – woozy, achey and exhausted. The Huz had kindly agreed to order sushi for dinner but the idea of raw fish made my stomach turn. I looked around on myrecipes.com, cookinglight.com, vegweb.com, and epicurious.com, hoping for inspiration. The only meal with any appeal was chicken with dumplings but I knew I didn’t have the energy to make it from scratch (which is the ONLY way to have chicken with dumplings, in my book). Even the thought of searching for a restaurant that might deliver such a dish exhausted me.

About a block from Agata and Valentina, I was hit with a craving for olives. Suddenly, the one thing in the world that appealed to my tastebuds was the salty, briney meaty texture of greek olives. Into the grocery store I went! Motived by the olives at the far end of the store, I picked up a few odds and ends to throw a meal together – organic chicken cutlets, local string beans, sweet potatoes. I also grabbed some apple smoked turkey, Australian cheddar, local lettuce, mesclun mix, tomatoes on the vine and dark chocolate. Saddled with my bag, I wandered the remaining 3 blocks back to my apartment, where I was greeted by a fabulous package, which I will be reviewing very soon! Let’s just say I have a new topper for my sweet potatoes. Butter, you are SO 2008.

I wasn’t particularly hungry, so I loaded my plate with a light salad dressed with EVOO, balsamic vinegar, dill and garlic powder. I had a large handful of steamed beans and a few bites of sauteed chicken (400 cal). Thank heavens for the samples Foodbuzz sent me as part of the Tastemaker Program. I really love using Emeril’s Original Essence when I need to add some flavor to a dish but I’m not using a recipe. The seasonings are so versatile too – I used it on chicken, but Kath used it on salmon just the other day!

The Huz had to run his fantasy football draft at 8pm, so I settled in to an evening of fabulously bad television – So You Think You Can Dance was up first. I’ve always preferred this show after the audition portion is done. It seems to always be the same – a few good dancers and a few dancers who are terrible that they like to make fun of. Just give me the real dancing, people! I also watched Glee, which was pretty cheesy, but also very funny! I think the music dubbing might drive me crazy at some point, but some of the lines were ridiculously funny. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get cancelled immediately!

Unfortunately, I don’t think my dinner was quite enough because I found my hand in the cookie jar around 9 – two chocolate chips somehow ended up in my belly along with a few spoonfuls of chocolate sorbet. I had to counter a lot of fat talk, but felt better by the time I went to bed.

How do you bounce back from food decisions you aren’t very pleased with?


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  1. Nice job following your cravings! You pulled together a delish combo on the fly, sounds like. I feel ya on the nighttime sweets attack. I used to have no problem with it but these days my preferred dessert of dried fruit and chocolate tends to have me going back for seconds. I bounce back by just returning to my good habits the next day. No point in over-thinking it–it’s done! Movin’ right along.

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