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Going Bananas!

A few weeks ago, I sent a plea out into the ether for banana bread/muffin recipe suggestions since The Huz and I were headed out to the Hamptons to see our families. Major thanks go to Lara, Lindsay and VeggieGirl for their wonderful suggestions! Since I was a bit limited by ingredients and, most importantly, time, I decided to make two different recipes – one would become a handsome, sumptuous bread, one was destined to become nutritious and delicious palm-sized muffins. When we got to the Hamptons, I asked all house guests to try a serving of each and provide their feedback.


Lindsay’s vegan banana bread recipe is in her Sneak Peak Cookbook. Since it’s in her cookbook, I’m not going to release  the recipe, but let me tell you – it’s worth the $5 for the e-book (it’s probably worth $10-20!!). I made Lindsay’s recipe into muffins and they were delicious!


Feedback included:

– I love how substantial these are! They’re small, but very dense so they pack a great punch.

– They were a little too chewy for my liking, but the flavor was fantastic!


I had my muffin with a dollop of peanut butter and it was absolutely heavenly. I can totally see these being great on-the-go muffins since they are really packed full of flavor and are pretty solid. I think I might experiment with a 50/50 combo of whole wheat and white flour when I make these again. That’s right, WHEN, not IF. I might also suck it up and buy new containers of baking powder and baking soda b/c sometimes I really crave a big fluffy muffin I can break small pieces off of and slather with jam.

VeggieGirl was kind enough to direct me to her Caramel Banana Bread recipe and I used a delicious organic caramel sauce I found at the health food store in my neighborhood. VeggieGirl’s recipe was made into a traditional bread loaf and it, too, was a huge hit!


Family feedback included:

– I love the sweetness of the caramel. It adds great moisture to the bread.

– A little too sweet for a breakfast bread, for me. I bet it would be great with walnuts, or as a dessert with some vanilla ice cream. (RunnerWife note: This is a brilliant idea!)

– Super moist and a great, unique flavor. Haven’t had banana bread like this before!

– MMMMM!!!

As I’m sure you can tell, VeggieGirl’s Banana Bread was a great hit, just as the muffins were (both batches were polished off in under 48 hours). I added just a bit of softened butter to my slice of bread and the salty flavor really complimented the sweetness of the caramel. I loved how different the two recipes tasted and I’m so using this bread for dessert sometime soon. My only concern with this recipe was its moisture – I actually had to bake the bread for an extra 30 minutes!! I think part of this might be due to the size of the bananas I used (HUGE) or the consistency of the caramel sauce. Thankfully, the extra baking time was well worth it. After the recommended baking time, I tented the loaf pan to help prevent burning so the crust was perfectly crisp while the center was moist and delectable.

Thank you, again, to both ladies for really coming through for me in a pinch! All taste testers were super impressed and have offered to make themselves available for future experiments 😉


8 Responses

  1. WAHOO!!! Thank you so much for trying my recipe – so glad it was a hit!! And I’m glad that the other fabulous recipe/treat was a hit as well 🙂

  2. The recipes sound awesome…and nothing is ever “too sweet” for me, morning, noon, or night. I love sweets and proudly admit to using sugar, agave, and whatever else floats my boat! Carb counters beware, I am not one! OMG and caramel sauce on something would be just extra awesomeness!

  3. Oof, VG’s bread sounds SINful. The only way to go. 🙂 Banana bread is one of life’s great inventions!

  4. Yummmm…everything looks sooo good. I have decided that bananas are my favorite fruit! They are just so versatile and delicious. A muffin with a dollop of PB sounds like heaven!

  5. yum. all those heavenly baked goods. here that knock on your door? yeah, thats me. feed me.

  6. Wow those look awesome! The caramel sauce looks great:)

  7. Lindsay’s baking skills are unparalleled!

  8. […] making recipe #2: Vegan Gingerbread. You might remember that I tried Lindsay and VeggieGirl’s banana bread recipes this summer and I was totally impressed by both. Gingerbread, however, is in an entirely different […]

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