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Going The Extra Mile

Bodhi update – Our boy went for his tests last week (blood test, urinalysis, chest x-ray, ultrasound, EKG) and the bad news is his heartworm diagnosis wasn’t a bad dream. The good news, though, is that we definitely caught it fairly early. He most likely was infected shortly before we adopted him last November but, because it was so early on, the tests that were done when we got him showed up negative. Since he’s only been infected for a year at most, the heartworms haven’t had a chance to do much damage to his organs. His heart and lungs still look very healthy and his doctor kept using the words “great” and “excellent” when describing the blood test results. Treatment has already begun and will be a three month process: October – antibiotics and light activity (long, slow walks but no roughousing), November – first injection and no activity at all, December – two more major injections, overnight stay at the hospital and no activity. Our hope is that we will have a happy, healthy Bodhi for Christmas this year. Honestly, that’s all I want. Just my pup to be okay by then.


I ran my longest training run of this season on Saturday. I’d been checking the weather report compulsively all week, praying that the weather monkeys would change their minds. Sadly, I woke up on Saturday to see the same report – upper 60s with 60% chance of thunderstorms, some severe storms expected. Blast! Ah well, at least I had a backup plan. I decided to pull out a slice of Nature’s Pride Whole Wheat Bread that I received from Foodbuzz recently. I wasn’t sure how it would fare since I’d frozen the whole loaf, but it was delicious! I toasted it up and slathered on some Barney Butter and forest berry preserves. I love toast that’s crispy on the outside, but soft and moist on the inside!



I also packed up my gym bag with my essentials – running apparel I’ll be wearing on race day, Powerade (that’s what the race course will have), jelly beans (poor girl’s Sport Beans), SIGG bottle for water, ipod, and iphone. I’d rented two movies from the iTunes store (Bride Wars and Little Miss Sunshine) and figured I could put those on if I got desperate on the hamster wheel. I arrived at the gym 5 minutes after it opened and the computers weren’t even on yet. I was the only person on the cardio floor and thank goodness for that. I should had taken a picture of my treadmill b/c it really was a sight to behold. Both bottle holders were full, two towels on each handrail, TV on, jelly beans stuffed in middle shelf, ipod clipped to my shorts and iphone propped up on the magazine shelf.

I plugged along for the first 12 miles or so, running for 7 minutes, walking 1. Since I had the benefit of the treadmill, I did some math and set my running portions at 6.5 mph and walking at 3.5. This kept me just below a 10 minute mile and I was feeling great! I had a handful of jelly beans while I reset the treadmill after the first hour and immediately decided to buy the “fruit flavors” only in the future. Buttered Popcorn and Cinnamon jelly beans are NOT good running tastes. BLECH!

I started Bride Wars around mile 10 and probably enjoyed the movie much more than I normally would have, simply because it was my only escape from the monotony of the treadmill. Around mile 17, I took my running segments to 6.3 and 6.4 mph and continued popping my jelly beans. Root beer float – yuck. Peppermint – gross. The movie ended during mile 18 and I powered through for another few minutes after starting the treadmill for the fourth time. I realized I was starting to fade a bit so I paused the ‘mill and refilled my water bottle. When I returned, the machine had turned off! Curses!! So, I tried to remember the mile I’d been on and restarted, making note on my phone.

As I passed mile 19, then 20,  I was getting positively surly. I’d started Little Miss Sunshine but all it did was annoy me (which is a bad sign b/c I normally LOVE that movie). I hopped off again for a minute to stretch and regroup. Just a few miles to go. 2 right? or was it 3? Yea, three, b/c I’d done 18 and then some and then stopped and….um….yea, definitely three. Oh well. By the last mile, I was running for 3 minutes and walking for 30 seconds. Hey, whatever it takes, right? When I hit my mark, I happily slowed to a walk and added my last mileage to my iphone tally. Wait a sec…6.15+6.12+5.85+2.8+2.25 = 23!!! How in the world did I end up doing 23?! GAH!! I gathered up my many belongings and collapsed on a mat to stretch (aka recheck my math). My clothes were drenched, my hat was soaked, my legs felt like jelly and my brain was mush. Could I really have run 23 miles in 3:50? I know running on a treadmill is easier than running outside, but that would mean my dream time goal could, dare I say it, actually be within reach? Shh….let’s not get out hopes up too much. Thankfully, I was too loopy to dwell on the implications too long. I hobbled downstairs, showered and stretched and treated myself to a cab ride home. Happily curled up on my couch, The Huz and I celebrated the cool weather with a delicious pizza – sausage and mushroom with whole wheat crust – mmmm!

At the end of the day, my only real complaint about this run is that I’d opted for the treadmill due to the weather report. Yet, I did not see a single rain drop fall during the entire 4 hours. Not one. Ah well. The good news is that I can now begin the sweet, glorious taper. I received the latest issue of Runner’s World on Friday and I’ve already got some short speedwork planned for the coming weeks. I’m also planning to ramp up my nutrition, max out on sleep, and take stock of my progress so far. You can expect to see more recipes, more food pictures and more specific workout recaps. Let’s wrap this training season up the right way!!

Also, stay tuned for my first giveaway, a new recipe, and some product reviews!


12 Responses

  1. 23 miles on a treadmill!? That is some serious will power! While it didn’t rain on Saturday morning it was very humid and gross outside!

  2. 23 miles on a treadmill!? That is some serious will power! While it didn’t rain on Saturday morning it was very humid and gross outside!

  3. Praying for dear Bodhi!

  4. SO glad Bodhi is doing so well (all things considered). Phewwwwwwww.

  5. wow, i am beyond beyond beyond impressed! you are going to kill the marine corps! can’t wait to run Sat!

  6. ooops, that last comment was from me. I have a work blog and i forgot I was logged in!

  7. So glad to hear a somewhat positive outlook for Bodhi!

    Also I can’t believe you did that distance on a treadmill. You are a beast!

  8. I can’t believe you did 23 miles on a treadmill! Way to go, lil lady! What a journey. You deserved that pizza!

  9. You ran 23 miles on a treadmill? I would go postal around mile 14. Very impressive!

    Hoping your dog makes a speedy recovery. I’ve known dogs who have made complete recoveries from heartworm. A couple months of treatment and then as good as new.

  10. yay congrats on that beastly run! especially since you did it on a treadmill! perhaps we can meet up for a Central Park run one of these days? pretty please?

    • Yes yes yes! I would love to run sometime soon! I’m probably doing the rest of my marathon training on the treadmill during lunch breaks so can I count on you to get me out the door in early November??

      Oh and do you have plans for watching the NYC Marathon? This will be my first time here for it and I’m dying to watch with other runners! My apartment is super close to Miles 17 and 18 and I’d love some company 🙂

  11. […] recently about my toughest marathon training run and, without hesitation, I told her about my 22 23-mile treadmill run last Fall. There’s probably no way I could convince myself, or any sane person, that 4 […]

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