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Breaking Bread with a Fellow Blogger

Aka, the night Diana and her boyf joined us for a meal masterfully designed and created by The Huz.

While we didn’t have bread, we had pita. And hummus. And many other tasty treats Diana so eloquently described and photographed over on her blog. You should definitely check out her account of the evening and I’ll just add that it was our pleasure to host such a lovely couple for a wonderful meal. I also want to say how proud I am of my husband. The poor man had been so nervous to make dinner for one of my “foodie friends” but he totally blew me away. Many thanks to The Huz for such a tasty meal and mucho thanks to Diana for the incredible raw fudge brownies and pumpkin carob loaf! I may or may not have already finished the last few squares of fudge she graciously left behind and I can’t wait to try the recipe myself. I’m thinking a pinch of cayenne might be in order!

Speaking of Diana’s recipes, I made her raw ice cream last night and it’s sitting in my freezer, just waiting to be devoured tonight as my pre-run treat (will post my slight twist and review soon). And tomorrow morning brings another long run with lovely Melissa! How did I get so lucky to have made such wonderful blog friends??

Thanks ladies!


4 Responses

  1. SUCH a fun night!!

  2. What a great night! Love Diana- she is hilarious on her blog and I’m sure even more fun in real life

  3. Aw, you make me blush. Can’t wait to hear your flavor spin on the ice cream. I just made my 2nd batch this morning and made it chocolate with 2 tbsp of unsweetened cocoa, plus other minor tweaks. Concerned that’s not ENOUGH chocolate, though! Still, better to be conservative when doing the first go round, eh?

    Oh PS genius idea re: cayenne in the brownies. Good call indeed.

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