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Happy Birthday, HUZ!!

Twenty eight years ago, my future soul mate was born. Twenty eight years ago, our paths to each other began. The paths were often thrilling, sometimes treacherous, and certainly very different. The Huz grew up going to tennis camp, attending private school in Manhattan, and traveling to Europe (Portugal when he was only two!). I grew up taking piano and flute lessons (and a very short and unpleasant bout of violin lessons), climbing the Girl Scout ranks, attending a huge public school and living in a big house in a suburban neighborhood. And yet, somehow, we found each other. Ten years ago, we stopped growing up alone, and started growing up together. The Huz has been a skinny freshman:


And a big, buff senior:

Picture 028

He’s made some great fashion choices:


And some questionable ones:


He’s fallen in love with football:


And traveled the country in the name of baseball:



He’s gotten his bachelors degree:


And his masters degree:


He’s moved into a tiny walkup apartment with me:


He’s gotten married:


Traveled to Greece:



And welcomed me to his hometown:


And, in the course of all these events, he’s grown up to be one of the most handsome, honorable, loving, and hilarious people I know. His parents are so proud of him that they could just about burst at the seams with joy and his friends appreciate and cherish him. Huz, my love, I hope you know how much I, too, love and cherish you. I am so proud of the man you’ve become in just the ten years I’ve known you and I look forward to celebrating many more of your birthdays together. May your 28th year be filled with all you wish for – health, wealth, happiness, and for the Yankees to win the World Series. Happy Birthday!!