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Perhaps the Eighth Wonder of the World

Greek yogurt is, perhaps, the eighth wonder of the world. First of all it holds a special place in my heart since I first had it on my honeymoon in Santorini. Each morning I had a healthy scoop of the silkiest, most decadent yogurt topped with crunchy granola and dried fruit and drizzled with pure honey. AMAZING

On Tuesday, I tried Chobani for the first time. Instantly, I was reminded of sitting on my lounge chair, yogurt bowl in hand as the light breeze brushed the ends of my messy morning ponytail and ruffled the edges of my swimsuit cover all.

I didn’t realize then that an even greater surprise was biding its time in my refrigerator. On Wednesday, as I took a much needed break for a whopping five minutes at 4:30pm, I opened a cup of Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt and readied my cup of giveaway granola:



My first impression was that Oikos was a bit less dense than Chobani. As I ate my first bite, I realized what I’d been missing since my honeymoon last June. Oikos was just like the yogurt I’d had in Greece – tart, smooth and light. The vanilla flavor was much less apparent, but it cut the tartness nicely.

Honestly, I don’t know if I could choose a winner between Chobani and Oikos, but only because I think they are so different. I’m sure I’ll want a sweeter, thicker yogurt sometimes and then I’ll reach for Chobani. And when I want to recreate my perfect honeymoon breakfast, I’ll likely indulge in an Oikos. (And I love that it’s organic, by the way!) Either way, it is clear to me that greek yogurt of all varieties will continue to be part of my diet for many years to come!!


4 Responses

  1. I COMPLETELY agree with your review!!! Oikos has a very “Greek” texture and taste… definitely true to real greek yogurt, but Chobani has a certain something with it’s texture that makes me crave it more than Oikos at times. Oikos is definitely the best of all the greek yogurts for mixing things in, but I could never choose one brand! 🙂


  2. FYI – Oikos is 5/$5.00 at Whole Foods right now!

  3. That is a wonderful way to phrase the awesomeness that is Greek yogurt.
    I honestly can’t decide my favorite brand. I love the texture of Fage and the subtle flavors of Oikos. Haven’t had enough Chobani to really rate it. I also love the Trader Joe’s brand! Cheap and creamy!

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