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Poor Woman’s Croutons

Now that soup season is upon us, I am always on the look-out for add-ins. As many people can probably understand, there just isn’t enough time in the day to always have fresh homemade soup ready to take to work or school. Sometimes I resort to picking up a cup of Au Bon Pain’s delectable Harvest Pumpkin soup or Hale and Hearty‘s vegetarian Three Lentil Chili. But once I’ve entered one of these places, smelled the scents of freshly baked goodies and seen the rows and rows of cracker and bread options, I inevitably add a crispy, seedy breadstick or hefty bag of oyster crackers to my tray. Aside from the caloric expense these tasty treats bear, they also have a monetary price. Since the holidays are speedily approaching (yay for festive tunes like Domenic the Christmas Donkey and Feliz Navidad!!), the Huz and I are looking for ways small and large to trim our spending.

Last weekend, the Huz found two large french baguettes for $4.49 at Costco. The first was destined to be toasted in the oven covered in a luscious goat cheese, sundried tomato and garlic spread when we went to the Huz Parents’ for dinner. The second, regrettably, languished on the counter for several days. Before we knew it, the baguette was hard as rock and on its way to the garbage when I had a thought – what’s another name for hard bread (in my world)? Croutons! And what do croutons taste delicious on? Soup!

Before work this week I sliced several pieces of the baguette and broke each slice into pieces. Into the toaster oven went dry, stale hunks of old bread.


Out came light, golden brown croutons that were the perfect complement to smooth, velvety pumpkin, tomato and butternut squash soups.


Do you like croutons or crackers in your soup?


4 Responses

  1. Next time try brushing the slices lightly with olive oil and sprinkling with your favorite herbs (I love garlic powder & oregano) before tearing and toasting. Yum yum. I also make croutons from the heels of whole grain sandwich breads that I stockpile in the freezer until I have enough to make up a batch. They’re also great on salads and have a lot less fat than commercial croutons.

  2. you are so brilliant. im doing this for my next batch of soup. and by batch i mean reheated can. or purchased variety. aside from the ones you mentioned, are there any other veggie flavor flaves that you can rec?

  3. […] I’ve been trying to find soup add-in alternatives. The soy crisps very closely rivaled my homemade mega croutons, so I was very […]

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