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So even though I didn’t work out today, I felt the title was appropriate for this post since I’m watching football (and since this is my second post today). Oh Steelers, how much stress you cause me.

As far as eats went today, I was pretty well on track but I did have to supplement the food I’d packed in the afternoon. Around 3, I realized I was just about ready to pass out from hunger so I bought a bag of Soy Crisps to tide me over. I generally don’t eat tons of soy (too much of anything is bad, even if it’s not the commonly accepted “bad foods” like meat and dairy or chocolate and candy), but I love how well Soy Crisps satisfy me. Unfortunately, 6:30 rolled around and I was still at work so I dipped into my emergency stash and had a small handful of raw almonds.

And, not surprisingly, dinner ended up being kind of a mish mash of munching – a small pita with feta, a handful of almonds and then the main course – chicken breast stuffed with cranberry and apple stuffing. I went a little bit crazy at Trader Joe’s on Saturday and picked up a pack of stuffed chicken breasts. No pictures because, well, I was too hungry and lazy. But take it from me, this makes a pretty nice dish if you slice the chicken to highlight the stuffing. I can imagine this being a perfect dinner with a side of sauteed spinach or roasted brussels sprouts and a small sweet potato. It’s pretty much the super duper lazy woman’s Thanksgiving dinner, but with chicken. Yea, I know.

Anyhow, I’m finally relaxing at home with the Huz and our pup and I’m going to focus my energy on the Steelers getting a W-I-N in the thin, cool Denver air. If you’re looking for something more to read this evening, check out the following:

Katie’s Operation Chocolate Covered Kindness

Holly’s awesome giveaway! Healthy Everythingtarian giveaway

We’re already on Week 5 of Project Feed Me. Check out photos from other participants and consider signing up – it’s not too late!

Read up on small ways of reducing your spending without eliminating the expenses that really count in the long run. Thanks for this great post, Melissa!

Have a great night!


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  1. loved that show 🙂

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