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Citrus Overload

As cold and flu season swiftly descends upon us, I hear every day about preventative measures and remedies. Some are clearly a crock of gross sugary cereal. Others seem to be hyped up by the media to foster fear and panic. This year, as has been the case in the past for me, I will not be getting a flu shot. Mom, I know you read this, and you can scold me if you want, but I’ve made up my mind. No injections, no huffing drugs (I’m pretty sure I was taught that’s a bad thing to do anyway!). Instead, I’ll fight seasonal disease the same way I’ve done before – adequate sleep, proper nutrition, moderate exercise, lots of vitamin C and plenty of hand washing. Granted, the Steelers kept me up a little late last night, but their 28-10 win was well worth it. Since I’m running a little short on sleep, I decided to make up for that deficit in the other factors of my “stay healthy” plan. For breakfast, I had a big bowl of Stonyfield Fat Free French Vanilla yogurt with a cup or so of Kashi Go Lean cereal.


In one of my favorite, albeit slightly bruised and battered, mugs:


I’ll opt to walk to work, rather than taking the Cesspool (aka 6 Train) and I’ll wash my hands when I arrive at the office. I’ve also packed my at-work eats with nutrients as well – I’ll be brimming with good, naturally bioavailable vitamin C thanks to the three clementines and large orange:


After a quick jog during lunch, I’ll replenish my depleted energy with some raw foods (Cherry Pie Larabar) and with a sinus-clearing, metabolism boosting spicy chicken vindaloo from Trader Joe’s.


The spices traditionally found in many Indian dishes are fabulous immune system boosters – turmeric, ginger and garlic especially. And the relatively short ingredient list lets me know I’m not packing my body full of junk it’ll have to work hard to process.


What natural preventative measures do you take during cold/flu season?

PS If you do happen to get sick, you could check out these frozen soups I just found out about – they look tasty, nutritious, and (most importantly) comforting!


6 Responses

  1. Green juice, green juice, and a bit more green juice.

  2. I agree with the green juice! I drink Green Vibrance every morning. If I feel like something is coming on then I drink 2-3 servings of Green Vibrance, I drink 1-2 cups of juiced veggies and I load up on raw fruits/veggies. I find green tea and echinacea work too. I haven’t gotten sick over 2 years! Really sticking to clean foods has helped me tremendously. Great blog!

  3. PS Good for you for not taking the flu vaccine…I’m not either. 🙂

  4. […] had another chicken vindaloo in the freezer, but after reading Gena’s thoughtful post last night, I really do want to cut […]

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