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Eating With Our Hands

The Huz and I went out for a fantastic dinner last night with a wonderful friend. There’s an Ethiopian Restaurant up the street from our apartment that, oddly enough, is named The Ethiopian Restaurant! The first thing I noticed when we entered is that no one had silverware on their tables….

The Huz started his meal off with an Ethiopian beer and got the perfect pour:


Since we were dining with a friend of the vegetarian persuasion, we opted for a double portion of the vegetable delight and a lamb dish (yebeg special tibs). To start, we had Yeshiro Fitfit, which is ground chickpeas, tomato, onion and green pepper mixed with injera and seasoned with olive oil and lemon. The Huz kept describing the injera as a crepe, but it was more spongey than a crepe. Even though we hadn’t seen the instructions in the link above before dining, we took our cues from other diners and dug right in. The injera was truly perfect for soaking up all the incredible herbs and spices in the dressing/sauce of the appetizer:


Our dinner, which I regrettably forgot to photograph, looked very similar. Each “dish” was served around the circle of injera and the lamb was served in the center. The vegetarian delight included a bit of each of the veggie dishes:

Shiro – Ehtiopian hummus simmered with re-pepper sauce
Misr Wot – lentils stewed in red pepper sauce and Ethiopian spices
Yater Kik Alecha – mild split peas flavored with garlic, ginger and turmeric
Yabesh Gomen – collard greens with green pepper and garlic
Fossolia – string beans and carrots cooked with onion, garlic and traditional seasonings

We were brought several platters of injera throughout dinner with which to scoop up all the deliciousness. I think my favorite was the Misr Wot, but the collard green segment was also incredibly good. Considering we’d been wavering between a slice of pizza and chinese food originally, we definitely scored big with option three. The price was reasonable too – $65 for the three of us including tip. I can handle that kind of price tag for a wonderful Friday night out! Well, plus the $8 The Huz and I spent at Tasti-d-lite for dessert 😉 The Huz had peanut butter with cookie crunches and I had pumpkin pie with toffee chunks. YUM!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends!


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  1. ethiopian hummus? sign me up. actually, it all sounds good. even the not so clever name 😉

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