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An Exercise in Contrast

Hot: Enjoyed long walk to and from work yesterday

Not Hot: Didn’t make it to gym due to work and laziness


Hot: Bodhi greeting me at the door for his evening walk

Not Hot: TWICE nearly stepping in poo on the sidewalk. Why are people so lazy about cleaning up after their dogs?


Hot: Making an impromptu quasi-gourmet-looking meal with The Huz

(No, I did not eat the hunk of fat you see in the picture)

Not Hot: Watching Food Inc. just after finishing the delicious dinner.

I think I’m still processing everything I saw in that movie, but I know a few things:

1. I will probably never eat another hamburger or any other form of ground meat after I finish the turkey chili I made on Sunday.

2. I will likely never buy conventional produce or meat/dairy products again.

3. I will sell my soul to get a share at a CSA.

4. I might be destined to become a farmer.

5. I don’t handle slaughterhouse footage well. Seeing animals murdered like that reduced me to tears and nearly made me lose my stomach.


Hot: Oatmeal for breakfast on a cool Autumn morning.

Not Hot: Forgetting to photograph the oatmeal in all its apple butter/peanut butter glory.


On the menu today, I’ve got some raw almonds, several clementines and another portion of my chili. I’m going to try my best not to think of Food Inc while I’m eating and console myself with the knowledge that every food purchase I make from now on will be in an effort to effect change for our food system and the environment.

Have you seen Food Inc? What did you think?


16 Responses

  1. I watched Food Inc a couple weeks ago and bawled during the slaughter house scenes 😦 Now I don’t eat any meat at all (well, phasing out fish) and the husband buys organic all natural meat

    • I feel the same way. I’m having such a tough time convincing myself to just finish eating the stuff we have in the fridge/freezer b/c I just want to start fresh. But I know my budget doesn’t really allow that. I guess it’s all a matter of making smarter choices from now on, right??

  2. I hate it when people don’t clean up after their dogs!

  3. I have not seen Food Inc. I want to see it but I don’t want to see it. I cannot look at harm being done to animals. I should be a vegetarian because I love animals so much. Maybe one day? Maybe that’s why I’m avoiding the movie?

  4. Have not seen Food Inc. BUT! I’ve been patronizing the Amish Farmer’s Market faithfully for a year now. YET! I feel compelled to continue to move away from meat on the regular.

    I’m actually steaming fresh veggies and toting to work now. This is weird for me. Something’s going on here!!!

    And I was stretching in the park grass last week and almost put my hand in some fresh poo poo. Ewww.

  5. Still haven’t seen Food Inc yet. Ignorance is bliss I guess. I know I need to see it, but I’m scared! It soundsl ike it really affected you. I’ll have to break down and do it!

  6. Food Inc. is next on my Netflix list. I really need to watch it so I can share my opinions of the film. A lot of bloggers have said it’s made a big difference on them.

  7. Food Inc was great. It definitely helped me commit to the idea of local and organic whenever possible. I’m not even sure I’ve had meat since…hmm…

    I think the saddest thing about it might have been the fact that relatively little of it surprised me. :-/

  8. That dinner does look gourmet! I haven’t seen Food Inc yet- I really want to! But I did take a safety engineering class in college where we had to watch a lot of slaughter house videos….ugh

  9. Hi PrettyLady,
    Thanks for the kudos on my bloggie bout my new yoga gig. Muah!

    I have not watched Food Inc….
    I am vegan, I’ve had a CSA share for about 5 yrs, I don’t deal well w/ greusome stuff and Ive heard that movie is pretty raw. But I would still like to see it but I have a feeling i will be highly disturbed for a long time….

  10. […] chicken was okay, but I couldn’t help thinking about the movie I watched last night. The Huz and I did some research tonight on CSA shares and greenmarkets here […]

  11. […] of the menu is basically steak, chicken and fish dishes. As I’ve said before, I’m not a vegetarian, but I really don’t enjoy eating meat unless I know where it cames from. Take me to a […]

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