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Roasty Toasty

I’m finally in the spirit of the season. On Wednesday morning, I woke up early for a run in Central Park and loved every second of it. Even though it wasn’t quite cold enough to require tights, I did sport a long sleeved t-shirt and fleece hat to keep me warm. Back home after a quick 4 miles and a stretch, I was glad I’d packed my food the night before. I did a quick shower, blog read, and jetted off to work. Here’s the Elise-inspired food I packed for the day (this picture also includes chili and a biscuit that I brought for my lovely coworker):

For breakfast, I had the Clif Iced Gingerbread bar. Um, WOW. I’ve had lukewarm opinions of some Clif bars in the past, and their pretty high cal for a snack, but this was perfect for breakfast on the go. With it, I had a big mug of Candy Cane Tea by Celestial Seasonings. I was SO excited to find CS teas on sale 2/$5 at my local health food store and I think I might have to stock up on this flavor. I had mug #1 of the day with a bit of organic vanilla soy milk and it was fabulous.

So far, I’d had gingerbread and candy canes. Not too bad!

For lunch, I had organic sweet corn soup from Whole Foods and about a serving and a half of lightly salted soy crisps. Ever since my mom warned me of the dangers of microwave bagged popcorn (apparently a chemical in the bag’s lining becomes carcinogenic when heated and it seeps into the popcorn!!), I’ve been trying to find soup add-in alternatives. The soy crisps very closely rivaled my homemade mega croutons, so I was very pleased.

Cozy comforting soup? Check!

Unfortunately, I had to work through lunch, yet again (I hate that this is becoming the norm), so I took 5 minutes around 2:30 to have a chocolate chip ZBar and mug #2 of candy cane tea. Normally, I would be concerned about having tea in the afternoon, but this green tea is decaffeinated so I didn’t get the midday shakes. Seriously, you have to try this stuff!

As I was enjoying a juicy organic orange, The Huz called with some great news that we wanted to celebrate over dinner. As soon as I got home, I got to work finding a tasty recipe for butternut squash. We had about 2lbs of pre-chopped butternut squash that needed a purpose, but none of the recipes were jumping out at me. As I walked Bodhi, the creative juices began to flow and I came up with a fabulous dinner of my own:

Stay tuned for the recipe! Served with a glass of Castle Rock Pinot Noir and a big glass of water.

I had a second serving of the vegetables. I just couldn’t get enough! For dessert, I had three squares of Green & Black’s 70% Dark Chocolate. YUM!

What’s your favorite holiday dish or recipe? Maybe this article will inspire you!


11 Responses

  1. I’ve stopped eating microwave popcorn too. Instead I bought a bag of popcorn kernals and a package of brown paper lunch bags. Then, I just take 2 tablespoons of popcorn and put it in the bag and then fold the top of the bag twice over and place it in the microwave on it’s side for about 2 minutes (or until the popping is less frequent). Then it is done! Plus it is natural without all the microwave popcorn additivies, super cheap and super easy! If you want to add anything for flavor just sprinkle it in (salt, butter, etc.).

  2. I do my popcorn in a paper bag, too! I did a whole post on it. It’s so easy + good.

    I love that candy cane tea – it’s my favorite, but I’m a sucker for anything peppermint 🙂

  3. OK, ok! I’ll try the holiday Clif bars! They tempt me each time I see them, but I have feelings toward them that are the same as yours. Your dinner looks great! Can’t wait to hear the news!

  4. that tea is totally delish! I love all the holidays tea flavors that are out right now…your dinner looks fantastic too!

  5. I bought a few Holiday flavored Cliff Bars last night, not having seen them on any other blogs. Now I’ve seen the Iced Gingerbread everywhere today.

    Can’t wait to eat mine as a late afternoon snack!

  6. Didn’t know that about popcorn! I need to stop eating it!

  7. I’m glad you posted that recipe because the dish looks amazing! So colorful!! I had no idea about the popcorn – it seems like everything causes cancer these days, doesn’t it?!

  8. That butternut squash recipe looks so festive and divine! Thank you for sharing it in the post above!

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