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Why I Went Home…

So now I can finally give a recap of my weekend. Originally, I’d planned to go home to the ‘Burgh for Thanksgiving b/c my 10 year high school reunion was on Saturday. As it turned out, I also got to spend time with my dad and brother (since everyone else is in Oregon with beautiful little Luna) and decorate the house a bit for Christmas!

First up, before we even arrived home, we stopped at the house of my wedding photographers’ and bought my very own dSLR camera!!! When I emailed them to ask for camera suggestions a few weeks ago, they were actually looking into selling one they’d had for about 2 years and were incredibly generous with their offer. Paul and Cyndy, I can promise you the camera has gone to a good home and will be loved!

When we arrived home, I wanted to make a tasty home-cooked meal for my dad and brother, who’d opted for pizza on Thanksgiving in the absence of my dear mother. Thankfully, we had everything we needed for a fantastic made-from-scratch shepherd’s pie!

Served with a few splashes of this:

I woke up early on Saturday morning and called Kristin to see if she wanted to hit the track of our old intermediate high school for some speed work. Being the good sport she is (see: randomly decided to run MCM the morning of the race), she was dressed and ready to go in no time. We worked through about a mile and a half of track loops before we had to break free of the fences and venture on.

On toward our elementary school we ran, across fields, up and over hills and then on to the nature trail.

After hiking the nature trail, we headed up the “clif” to our middle school:

And then we spent some time reflecting on our formative years. I have no idea how far we ran, but I do know we had a great time on our trek down memory lane!

That afternoon, Kristin, Kate and Doug came over to help me decorate my parents’ house in preparation for the holidays. Knowing that we’d be working hard, I made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for sustenance:

The puppies sat around being adorable:

Kristin became the Bow Monster:

Doug became the Mr. T of garland decoration:

And then Kate helped Kristin transform into the High Garland Priestess:

WIth our roles designated, decoration began. The nativity scene was set:

Pretty wreathes were placed on walls:

The tree and mantle were decorated:

We finished decorating in time to regroup a bit and prepare ourselves for our 10-year high school reunion. The Huz was fantastic – he provided much-needed humor on the drive to the restaurant and helped calm our nerves a bit. Even better, the reunion ended up being a lot of fun! I had a great time catching up with people I hadn’t seen in ages and was so happy to talk to anyone and everyone about running, blogging and the Big Apple. I know I share my blog posts on my Facebook page, but I guess I didn’t really believe that anyone I went to high school with would actually read – some of you do! THANKS!! I didn’t end up eating any of the appetizers (I should have, just to get my $20-worth!), but I did have several drinks so I was very hungry when I woke up the next morning.

We had brunch at a restaurant my dad had seen on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, which is about 5 minutes from my parents’ house and my egg and cheese biscuit sandwich totally hit the spot. That, and about 7 huge glasses of water got my body back on track.

Later that afternoon, I wandered around and took pictures of some of my favorite places in the house:

Then I set about making yet another fabulous Smitten Kitchen recipe: Snickerdoodles! Used my mom’s mixer and adorable sifter:

Sifted the dry ingredients and let the butter warm to room temperature in the window:

After letting the dough chill for about an hour, I rolled up tablespoonfuls into balls and tossed them in cinnamon sugar:

We all enjoyed these with a big glass of milk:

On Sunday night, Sebastian grilled flank steak and we cooked up a bunch of vegetables before watching the Steelers lose in overtime:

My plate included grilled zucchini and portobello mushroom caps, cinnamon sugar sweet potato fries (using leftover cinnamon sugar from the cookies), and a cinnamon seasoned acorn squash:

We drove back to NYC on Monday morning and arrived in time for Jeopardy and some quick leftovers. This week promises to be another busy one, but I’m definitely in the holiday spirit now so I’ll be whistling while I work and looking forward to lots of holiday fun!

I’ll leave you with one last picture from the weekend – Bodhi in the midst of a dream on the ride home!


11 Responses

  1. Love all of your photos! Welcome back to the city!

  2. What a lovely fun weekend you had!

    All the cool kids are getting dSLRs these days, and I’m feeling guilty at lusting after them instead of being grateful to my trusty little point and shoot…. Hope you are having fun with the new camera! Will it get a name?? (Cameras take better pictures that way:-))

  3. Nice pics! What kind of camera? You can soo tell the difference between my dSLR pics vs. my point and shoot camera on my blog. I like Laura’s comment about naming your camera – mine is still pretty new too, so I should get naming!

  4. Your pictures look great!

  5. These pictures look AWESOME!!!

  6. Yay, congrats on a new camera. That is at the top of my Christmas list!

    Love the pictures of everyone decorating. Looks like such a fun time!

  7. Lovely pictures! So happy for you that you got that camera! And perhaps a wee bit jealous 😉
    Your weekend sounds like it was a blast!

  8. Seriously. Awesome. Photos.
    Okay…I’m jealous that you ate somewhere from DDD, even though he’s nuts and I would never eat half the crap they feature. Doug looks a little like Adam from Man vs. Food in that picture, but I see the Mr. T reference working there, as well. And finally, seriously. awesome. photos.

  9. Love all your photos! So exciting that you got a new camera. 🙂

  10. Glad you got a new camera 🙂 Your pictures look great. The puppies are soooo cute <3<3 Glad you enjoyed being home!

  11. […] hours! You might remember my trip home to Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving. No? Well here’s the post. Remember now? Ok good. I had a really wonderful time catching up with high school friends at my […]

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