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Monday Eats

In addition to the tasty corn and sausage soup I told you about last night, the rest of Monday’s eats were similarly fabulous:

Something sweet:

I took an awesome kickboxing class at night and it kicked my butt. This girl is NOT used to so many roundhouse kicks! But it left me feeling totally invigorated and happy to be back to my weekly classes.

For dinner, I decided to make a recipe I found in Didi Emmons’ Entertaining For A Veggie Planet – Roasted Pears, Blue Cheese and Toasted Pecans with Cranberry Vinaigrette.

This salad was so simple and completely delicious. The gooey blue cheese mixed perfectly with the crunchy pecans and tart cranberry vinaigrette. The Huz and I also shared a few (unpictured) chicken sausages (the rest from this morning’s pack) on the side to give the meal some extra heft. For dessert, I reheated one of the extra pear halves and added two small scoops of coconut sorbet and a sprinkling of toasted pecans. YUM YUM YUM!!

And for one last sweet bite, I enjoyed yet another Happy Herbivore success: vegan, low-fat peanut butter cups. I realize mine look more like peanut butter sandwiches, but what can I say? I really love peanut butter!


4 Responses

  1. WOW! Those are some amazing looking PB cups!!!

  2. Your entire days worth of eats all look fantastic! Yums.


  3. All of that looks great! My mom used to make pears like that and I loved them!

  4. Your pear dessert looks so gourmet! What a great idea. Pecans make everything nicer 🙂

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