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Down For The Count

Sadly, this girl just cannot throw the drinks back like she used to. I woke up on Thursday morning and briefly debated whether I was going to die of thirst or hunger first. To save myself from perishing in the grip of dehydration, I chugged two big glasses of water and ate this:

I opted to walk to work, in an attempt to outrun the hangover (this is a concept coined by a friend of ours who’s been known to pace around his apartment the morning after a crazy night to keep the hangover from catching up with him). It’s a crazy idea, but it’s so true. After a brisk 40 minute walk, I settled in to work and Mr. Bourbon quickly announced that he had not left yet the building and I had to introduce him to Ms. Aleve. I also enlisted the help of my good friend Hot Chocolate to provide some comfort.

I had lunch around 12:30 and knew I needed some salt and fluids. These soy crisps provided some crunch

and this soup provided the fluids (and more salt).

I tried another new yogurt as an afternoon snack and I liked this one even more than yesterday’s maple yogurt.

It didn’t have big chunks of walnuts, but the flavor and a bit of crunch was there. The yogurt was so thick and smooth! It was much higher calorie than many other yogurts (240cal), but it was absolutely worth it. No need to add anything to it!

I, unfortunately, wasn’t in better spirits by 5pm, as I’d hoped I would be, and I resorted to half of a hot pretzel at a stand on the way home to my apartment. Oh heavenly doughy, salty pretzels. I love you so. I’d had grand plans of making a big roasted vegetable platter, but I honestly couldn’t stand the idea of doing all that prep work, let alone waiting an hour for everything to be ready. Instead, I picked up these spicy black bean “burgers” on my way home.

I defrosted a patty in the microwave and then toasted it up on the stove. While I waited for the edges to crisp, I sliced and steamed a sweet potato and began to assemble my wrap.

In the wrap:

– Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burger
– Organic baby spinach
– Yellow mustard
– Tobasco
– Steamed sweet potato rounds

Even though this wrap helped, I still felt pretty under the weather so I snacked a good bit throughout the rest of the night. A bag of soy crisps, two baby cranberry scones and a scoop of coconut sorbet with dried cherries went unpictured but very much eaten. I finally cut myself off by 9pm when I realized food wasn’t making me feel any better (shocker, I know) and made myself a mug of Sugar Plum Spice Holiday Tea while listening to an embarrassing first half of the Steelers game.

How do you recover from a night of drinking/indulgence?

*I hope you won’t get the wrong impression because of this post. As you probably already know, I drink very rarely. In fact, this might be the second time I’ve had alcohol of any kind since this summer. Somehow, those drinks just totally steamrolled me and left me feeling like I used to during my more adventurous college years!


7 Responses

  1. The wrap looks great.

    Don’t feel bad, I had a glass of wine last weekend with dinner and was MORE than buzzed. If that’s not pathetic, I don’t know what is. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. Oh man, hope you’re recovered. I’m so done with hangovers, to the point where I’m always a little scared to drink in the first place. Of course that just makes me more of a lightweight as my tolerance goes away! At least that means I get more fun out of one drink I guess, haha. That’s the thing–I don’t recover well from a night of drinking–a hangover tends to put me out of commission for an entire day, as in getting out of bed is not an option. I have to be so careful! :-/

  3. I love Morningstar Farms black bean burgers! They are hands down my favorite 🙂

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  4. I feel your pain! I sip on some wine frequently, but whenever I drink more than my usual I end up feeling pretty awful the next day. I have no tolerance and am a bad hangover person. I tend to crave really bad junk food and I know that does not help. Hope you’re feeling better!

  5. Aww, hope you feel better soon.

    I have wine a lot, but never drink enough to still feel it the next day. But every once in a while when it happens, NOT fun. The only way I handle it is to drink lots of water and relax.

  6. Hangovers are so much worse now than when I was younger. I so know what you mean.

    I love the story about the guy packing around his apt. TOO FUNNY!

  7. Hey, we’ve all been there regarding the aftermath of a night filled with libations. NO worries! To remedy a hangover, I have to say, a fried egg sandwich always helps when I first wake up really helps me feel like a person again, as well as clean foods like fresh fruit. Kombucha is refreshing under those circumstances as well.

    Your wrap looks so good! I love recipe that finds a way of involving sweet potatoes.

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