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Up and at 'em!

thank you to everyone for your kind comments about the interview!! I still can’t believe it’s happening and I’m completely scared that I’ll look ridiculous but I guess big risks usually yield big rewards, right?

when I last posted, I was in the air on my way to Boston. well the flight was awful – lots of side to side movement before we’d even gotten all wheels off the ground. upand down were both terrible and I was actually glad all I’d put in my stomach was water!

i had a busy day at work, but was super productive and really enjoyed seeing my team again. there’s just no replacement for face time. I finally got around having a Clif bar around 10 – the white chocolate macademia flavor – not bad. a little too sweet for a breakfast but it got the job done. since I’d woken up at 5am, I grabbed a grande Christmas roast from starbucks and sipped on that throughoutthe morning. I wasn’t hungry at 12:30 so I ran into a meeting without eating. too bad it lasted until almost 4pm!!!

I inhaled a clementine before heading down to our holiday party. I opted for sparkling water since i hadn’t eaten much and then we were off to the Langham hotel to eat at Bond. WOW what an amazing place! high ceilings, huge chandeliers, waitresses in Bond-girl-tight cocktail dresses. I took one look at the menu and thought I’d died and gone to heaven. i started with a martini and shared the tuna tartar with my friend. the menu is designed as a tasting menu so the portions are more modest and I had plenty of room for the sea scallops I ordered. they were delicious – served over wilted greens in a very simple sauce. divine! another martini and several hours of grey conversation later, I was back at the corporate apartment. I acclimated myself a bit and found the cabinets full of oatmeal, peanut butter, pastas, tea and much more! I was still a little hungry but didn’t want to eat and crash so I had an acai green tea and passed out just before midnight.

now I’m waiting for my flight back to NY, my husband and my puppy! I took today off so I’m hoping to finish gift wrapping and make a nice dinner for my man. maybe I’ll sneak a nap and a run in too, but I’ve got the 15k tomorrow!!

cross your fingers that tis flight is smoother….

happy Friday,everyone!!


4 Responses

  1. Fun that you were in Boston! I haven’t eaten at Bond yet. But it sounds amazing.

  2. Good luck on your run tommorrow! Sounds super fun. The dinner you had sounds so fabulous too. The restaurant sounds incredible. Wow. I hope you have a way better trip back! Take care girl!

  3. Sorry about the bumpy flight. Those are the worst.

  4. Yikes. Sorry about the bumpy ride.

    The restaurant sounds great. Safe travels!

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