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Pay It Forward

I’m currently dining at the lovely and exotic Salam Restaurant downtown, but I couldn’t wait to thank Gena for bestowing the Beautiful Blogger Award upon me. Thanks girl!

This award asks me to share seven random things about myself with you all.

1. I was a very picky eater as a child and now choose new foods to teach myself to like each year. So far, I’ve learned to like yogurt, cottage cheese, raw tomatoes and bell peppers, okra, bananas, olives and artichokes.

2. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be cheese ravioli. It’s been my favorite food for pretty much my entire life.

3. I still have my childhood security blanket. The pattern is so faded that it’s almost invisible, but I can’t give it up. My mom even bought me a new one with the same pattern but it never stuck!

4. I love being alone but am terrified of not having friends. I was hugely awkward and unpopular growing up and I have always craved close friends. But when I am presented with an unplanned free day, I love nothing more than spending it alone going for walks/running, experimenting in the kitchen, singing to the radio and relaxing.

5. I’m left-handed, but spent most of 9th-grade math trying to become ambidextrous. Sadly, it didn’t work and I’m still left-handed. My “handedness” extends beyond the traditional and I have strong preferences for which side my running buddies are on when we go running!

6. My favorite color is red. The Huz says he doesn’t really have a “favorite,” but he does say that his “power color” is maroon. Coincidence?

7. I’m afraid of bridges, but not of tunnels, which is odd since I come from Pittsburgh, where they have no shortage of bridges!

Again, thanks to Gena for the award, and I happily pass along the accolade to these beautiful ladies:

1. Melissa

2. Lindsey

3. Katie

4. Chelsea

5. Melissa

6. Chrysta

7. April


18 Responses

  1. Congratulations on the well-deserved award!! Love reading the fun facts 🙂

  2. Aww, thanks for passing this award on to me. 🙂

    I have a blanket too! I still sleep with it at night and refuse to get rid of it, no matter how old I get. LOL.

  3. […] you to Katherine for giving me the Beautiful Blogger […]

  4. Congrats on your award, KAtherine! GReat honor coming from Gena, especially! And the ladies you passed the torch to all rock as well! Awesome stuff!

  5. That’s so funny, I totally love spending the day alone doing whatever I want too. But I hear you on the wanting to still know you have friends you COULD be hanging out with, too.

  6. Ohh – thank you for passing along such a wonderful accolade! I just wrote my post for today, but I may need to amend it now. I love this idea. Thank you Thank you!

    And weird that I have the same issue with my running buddies. I usually have to be on the left of them. When I trained with my best friend for the marathon I would get all confused if I was on the wrong side.

    YAY for Southpaws – we’re the best!

  7. I’m terrified of bridges. I used to have dreams of hanging off them for my dear life at a very young age so now I’m really superstitious about them.

  8. I am 100% unsurprised that the Huz has a power color. 😉

  9. […] Gena. I’ve tried to trace the award back to its roots and so far this is what I’ve got: Katherine > Gena > Michelle & Lori > Robyn > Betty > Jolene > Taylor > CaSaundra […]

  10. Ok, so I’m way behind on my blog-reading this week and am just now finding out about these Beautiful Blogger awards. Thank you so much for passing the digital honor along to me!

    I, too, crave solitude constantly but need a close circle of friends in my life. It’s a balance!

  11. […] to be a challenge to find a vegetarian dish. Well, that’s not completely true. I can get ravioli, which I love (in case you forgot), but I don’t know that I really need to start my weekend […]

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