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Sunday in the Park

As most people in the northeast already know, we got a TON of snow this weekend! Even though I was bummed about missing an awesome party, the snow did lend itself to some beautiful pictures. Click on each picture for a larger size. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite season?


28 Responses

  1. Favorite season = fall. True beauty and PERFECT weather.

  2. Umm gorgeous pics!! You are totally working that camera. Good for you. I agree with VeggieGirl – Fall takes the prize for me. We got married in the fall b/c Bill and I both adore it. And running in the fall is the epitomy of divine.

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the first one. While snow is pretty, my favorite season is summer!! I like it hot! 😉

  4. i am so lazy; I need to upload my photos! you did such an awesome job!

  5. I love your snow pictures, grateful that I dont live in snowy climates anymore! My fave season is def. summer and warm times!

  6. Beautiful pictures!! I had a blast running in the snow on Saturday in the park. (well, the first 10 miles were a blast…got a little clod in the last 8… 😉 )

  7. Such beautiful pictures–I wish we would get a little snow! 🙂

  8. The fencepost is my favorite show. Great work.

  9. beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!

  10. Great pictures. I like snow in photo form that’s about it!

  11. OMG, these pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!!! I can look outside and see a similar view, but it just looks so much more appealing through a camera lense. 😉

    Enjoy your VERY white Holidays!!!


  12. Gorgeous! We never get snows like that here.

    My favorite season is summer 🙂

  13. Stunning pictures! I love fall, especially around November when it finally cools down here in California.

  14. You are QUITE the photog these days, madam. 🙂

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