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Life of a (W)rapper

On Tuesday, The Huz and I had dinner plans downtown but he got held up at work and needed to help with a delivery. He called around 6:30 to say he’d ben in front of our building to pick me up so I was playing around with my camera when up rolled this….

That’s right! I was driven to dinner in a Lamborghini Gallardo! Apologies for the blurry photo, but I was obviously a bit surprised!
When The Huz asked his best friend, whom we were meeting for dinner, if there was parking near our destination and that no, he would not be parking on the street, his friend asked, “Who are you? Lil’ Wayne?” I would have felt like more of a rap star if we hadn’t been listening to old Christmas tunes over the roar of the engine, but I’m never one to miss the absurdity of contrast 😉
When we parked, I snapped a few more photos:
Dinner at Salam Cafe was superb, though the company with whom I dined really made the meal. We all chatted about life, work and love as we savored vegetarian maza, a delicious bottle of Algerian red wine and (my dish) vegetable coriander with rice. I left dinner with a satisfied belly and heart. We slipped and slithered our way back up town (that car’s tires are NOT made for slushy snowy weather!!) and I snacked on a few pieces of peppermint fudge before bed.
Last night, I was wavering on the exercise front. I’ve been so busy at work that I haven’t been able to take a break for the gym. I was expecting a package from Holabird Sports though and made a deal with myself – if the package arrived, I would go for a run when I got home. After all, I’d need to take my new capri tights out for a spin, right?? When I walked through the door, the doorman was waiting with packages in hand so I went right upstairs and changed before I had a chance to squeeze out of my promise to myself. Five minutes later, I was jogging (slowly) up and down the promenade with my favorite four-legged running buddy. That’s right, folks! I emailed the vet on Tuesday and asked if we could start playing with Bodhi again since it’s been almost a month since his last injection and we got the ‘go ahead’ from her!! For almost two miles, Bodhi happily trotted along beside me, much less affected by the gusty wind from the river than I was. We took it slowly and kept the run short. After all, you wouldn’t come back from an injury or illness and run 20 miles, would you? Back at home, we were both tired, happy and ready for dinner!
In preparation for our cross-country travels on Friday, I decided I’d work on cleaning out the fridge so I made a wrap with Happy Herbivore peanutty spread, baby spinach, roasted butternut squash and a Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger. Topped with a little Tobasco, this was the perfect dinner, especially since I snacked on treats a bit throughout the rest of the evening. With exercise and dinner in the bank, I finally went into holiday crunch mode. The Huz was busy buying the last few gifts, so I started wrapping my fudge and roasted pecans. FOUR hours later, this army of treats was waiting patiently on the lower shelf of our fridge.

Up above, the pecans waited to be given and shared.

And our presents were wrapped.

Now we just have to pack our suitcases and sit back and savor the holidays!

Are you a good present wrapper? I love wrapping gifts but The Huz, though I love him dearly, is TERRIBLE!!!


9 Responses

  1. What an awesome car – I am very jealous! I can’t believe the car made it through all that slushy snow, although I’m sure it made the drive very interesting!

  2. Wow! All of your gifts look so pretty and appealing. I am not a good wrapper- my things always turn out sort of sad- so I usually stick to gift bag arrangements with lots of tissue and ribbon.

  3. All of your beautifully wrapped gifties look so professional! I am definitely going to be using some of your recipes to make treats for the new year. Safe travels this week and I hope we can meet up for a long run sometime soon!

  4. Love that you were listening to Holiday music in that car. 🙂 I agree – all your gifts and goodies look amazing.

    And – I’m a pathetic wrapper. I really try to fake it, but I prefer throwing everything in bags.

  5. Nice ride!
    I’m impressed with how productive you’ve been! Now I’m motivated to finish my Christmas wrapping 🙂

  6. WOW P.I.MP. in that car! I can only wrap very basic things like boxes, cds, books well. Everything else I attempt to wrap looks like a 3rd grader did it.

  7. […] wasn’t nearly as luxurious as dining out with friends after a ride in a Lambo, but I suppose I can’t live that life every night, […]

  8. That car is OUT OF CONTROL. (Lil Jon is echoing in my ears right now.)

    You do indeed have an army of treats in your fridge! Such patience. Bless you, ma’am, that there may be delicious fudge for Christmas.

  9. Great job on the holiday goodie bags and gift-wrapping! I’m a super last minute kind-of-gal and will be making mine tomorrow, but your post has inspired me to put some elbow grease into my baking/packaging efforts!

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