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Westward Bound

I hope everyone’s Christmas was wonderful! We had an incredible dinner on Christmas Eve at my in-laws’ apartment that involved arugula salad with endive and clementines and a baked cod with sundried tomato and kalamata olive risotto. Dessert was homemade madelines with fresh fruit compote and creme fraiche. How my mother-in-law managed to make such an exquisite meal and yet appear so composed I will never know. Here’s a picture of the lovely salad, but I’ll be honest – I was having too much fun enjoying our company and the tasty food to take other pictures!

Since we were leaving early on Friday morning, we opened presents after dinner and I can’t wait to wear and use some of the lovely gifts I received. The Huz outdid himself by giving me a gorgeous pendant from Tiffany that I’ve worn ever since!

On Friday morning, we were up and off to the airport by 8am. Our flight to San Francisco was fairly uneventful, though LONG, since we sat in coach for 5.5 hours. My one gripe is that they didn’t provide a meal. Even though I likely wouldn’t have eaten a full meal, I think it’s absurd that spending $400/person on a flight doesn’t earn you a bag of dried fruit or something. For crying out loud, the “fruit and cheese plate” (aka box of raisins and piece of cheddar cheese) was $9. Honestly?!?! I knew our options would be limited so I’d stopped at Cibo once we were through security and picked up some snacks. I grabbed a vegan pad thai and a square of dark chocolate.

I’d had a soy latte and a big bottle of water in the morning so I was set until around noon.

The Huz opted to start his morning with something a bit more substantial:

Yes, that’s a beer next to his breakfast. I’m just glad he turned down the shot of Jack Daniels the bartender offered him! He told us that, since it was Christmas, every beer came with a shot of Jack for just $3. Can you imagine drinking shots at 8am?? Yeesh.

Toward the end of the flight, I had a few handfuls of The Huz’s trail mix.

We had a brief layover in SF before heading to Portland and I snacked on a few of the extra candied pecans I’d strategically packed at the top of my rolling suitcase. Our flight on Horizon Airlines was SO much better than the first flight, on American. They offered free beer and wine and had Jones sodas!! The Huz and I both got a cup of the local brew – a wassail, which was dark and delicious.

We finally made it to Portland at 5pm local time (8pm EST) and picked up chinese food on the way home. I had kung pao vegetables with bean curd and white rice. A small plate of that (it was so good but so spicy!) and a few shrimp from my sister’s shrimp with honey roasted walnuts, and I had both a happy belly and a smile on my face.

It had taken 12 hours to get here and I was exhausted, but all fatigue disappeared as soon as I saw Miss Luna’s face. I must admit, I didn’t take as many photos as I’d planned, but I could barely stand to have her out of my hands for more than a few minutes! Occasionally, though, I did allow others (aka The Huz) to hold her. So cute!!

Before bed, we had a few buckeyes from Ben’s parents’ (thank you!!!), a very tasty peach ale from Rachel and Ben (thank you, too!), and watched The Hangover.

Come back tomorrow for a recap of Saturday. I promise it’ll be good. It has to be good, it includes board games, a long run, fresh blueberry pancakes and more pictures of Luna!!


19 Responses

  1. Looks like a good time! Glad to see you are back on the blogosphere – we have missed you. The argula salad looks amazing. And Luna looks beautiful from afar.

    Aren’t most airlines the worst these days?! Free is not a word you hear very much. It makes traveling so much harder when the airlines aren’t at all hospitable. I’ve found that Virgin is a really nice airline to fly and they sometimes offer decent deals.

    Are you back in NYC yet? When do you come back?

  2. Isn’t it amazing how babies just fit so perfectly on a man’s forearm?:)

  3. BABY!!!! Babies are the best. 🙂 The Huz is obviously a very manly man, drinking beer at 8am. Buuuut, on the other hand you do know that the whole time-space continuum is suspended in airports and airplanes right? So technically it was probably 5pm in his head. 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh! Luna is SO adorable!! And HAHA – NO! I absolutely could not imagine taking shots at 8am! That would make me feel like death!

    I love the pictures your camera takes – what kind is it??

  5. I love the name Luna for a little girl; I bet she’s going to be a beauty!

  6. I fly way too much for work and can tell you, the food situation on airlines has gotten ridiculous. I always take a Clif Bar or two if I know the flight is going to be over three hours. Airport food can’t always be trusted, so as an insurance policy I always pack something to eat.

  7. Kalamata olive risotto??!! Sounds like a dream come true.

  8. That Luna is a real cutiepie! Enjoy your time with her…

    And love the photo of the Husband with his breakfast beer, though I must admit that if it were me and my husband traveling, that breakfast beer would belong to me 🙂

  9. Totally agree that the least the airline can do is give you peanuts or something!

    Luna is beautiful!

  10. Oh my…so much traveling! Sounds like a fun and whirlwind holiday season.
    I was the same way around Christmas…did not take nearly as many photos of the food as I wanted to–there was just so much going on!
    Your Chinese food dinner sounds SO good! Food like that tastes even better after traveling!
    Glad you had a nice holiday!

  11. Luna is gorgeous! Sssoo cute!
    That sounds like one hella long trip. I cant believe they didnt offer anything on your flight to San Fran! Sheesh. Its a good thing you planned ahead. Im glad you had a great holiday though! Take care!

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