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New Year Celebration!

Last night, as we have in years past, The Huz and I ventured downtown to the home of some of our best family friends. The gracious hosts began the festivities at 8pm and we didn’t get to bed until almost 2:30am! When we arrived, we were greeted first by our friends and then by the tremendous spread of tasty appetizers.

Brie with green grapes

Olive spread

Cheese crisps, hummus and smoke salmon

And The Huz’ favorite, caviar dip

Unpictured treats included spanikopita, pigs in blankets, potato latkes with creme fraiche and mushroom risotto purses made with phyllo dough. We snacked and snacked while chatting about all the excitement and challenges of 2009 and our hopes for 2010. I focused mainly on the brie, grapes, caviar dip, smoked salmon and mushroom risotto, but I heard the other treats were just as delicious. Before I knew it, 10pm and rolled around and it was time for dinner! Here is just some of the unbelievable spread.

Salmon seasoned with butter, lemon and capers; red bliss potatoes; fresh salad; chicken piccata

Roasted vegetables

Stewed shallots

We also had filet mignon, an unreal eggplant gratin, roasted cherry tomatoes and fresh dinner rolls. Admittedly, I was rather full from all of the appetizers, so The Huz and I shared a plate of dinner food. Everything was truly sublime! As midnight drew closer, we popped open the champagne bottles and started filling glasses.

At midnight, we toasted to friends and family near and far, to our past and to the future, and to all the possibility 2010 holds for each of us.

We also celebrated my grandmother-in-law’s birthday with a beautiful cake. Look at the detail on that flower!

The dessert spread was just as impressive as dinner.

As we closed out the night, I sipped on a cup of tea and said a silent prayer for 2010.

I hope wherever you were last night that you had a wonderful time. We all celebrate the new year in our own way. Some like to stay in, some love to go out on the town. I love to be surrounded by my dearest friends and family – the people who shared 2009 with me and who will be there for everything 2010 has in store!

Best wishes for a wonderful new year!


2 Responses

  1. wow everything looks amazing! happy new year!

  2. She doesn’t tell you what’s in the caviar dip because it’s sinful. And amazing.
    Signed: Fat Husband

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