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2010 Goals!

Don’t forget to turn on NBC sometime around 8am this morning – you might see me!

So I know I’m a little bit behind, but I’ve really wanted to get some goals finalized for 2010. Now, when I say ‘finalized’ I dont mean that I won’t strive for other goals or ADD to this list, but I’m committing to accomplishing at least these things.

1. New 1/2 marathon PR – my 1/2 mary PR is from 2007 (1:52:53) and I think it’s about time for a new one! I’ve got one half toward the end of this month, but I think that might be a bit early for my new PR. Maybe I could find a race later in the spring or this fall to tackle this one.

2. Run 9 NYRR races and volunteer for 1 – I really want to qualify for entry into the 2011 NYC Marathon and I know it’s not going to be based on time…

3. 200 blog posts – this (hopefully) won’t be a tough one to accomplish, but I still want to put it out here to be held accountable.

4. Read 8 books – last year, my goal was to read 12, but I had to admit that a book a month just isn’t totally practical for me. I’m going to shoot for 8 and maybe I’ll surprise myself!

5. Lose 10 pounds – I know I don’t usually talk a lot about weight on this blog and I’m very thankful that I’ve come so far in the past year regarding my relationship with food. Now that I’m more comfortable, I’m going to focus my energy on the strength training and cardio I’ve been neglecting so I can trim down the 10 pounds that seem to have snuck up in the past eight months or so. Ever since I mangled my ankle in March and couldn’t exercise for a few months, I’ve been carrying around some extra weight. When I was training for the marathon, I didn’t want to risk losing weight and wearing my body down. The holidays are over, the new year has begun, and I don’t have any pressing training needs over the winter months (aside from the half later this month as mentioned above). Now, I’m not about to go doing anything crazy to lose the weight. I’m not going to calorie count (I already know it drives me nuts) and I’m not going to force myself to exercise if I don’t want to.

This time around, I’m committing to losing .8lb per week by tracking my meals and trying to stay active. I’m going to weigh myself every Friday morning and The Huz will confirm my weight. If I don’t make my goal, I have to do the morning dog walks for the following week. As I’m sure you can imagine, waking up an extra 30 minutes early in the dead of February is NOT very appealing to me when I could spend that time sleeping happily curled up in bed under warm covers. I’m not going to post my weight here, but I will post my progress from week to week and will let you know how it goes! (Of course, the challenge ends after I lose the 10 pounds. Then I’ll be safe from having to do the morning walks for good, but don’t tell The Huz. That’s what he gets for not reading my blog! hehe)

6. Eat vegetarian at least 4 days/week – I’ve been keeping this goal pretty well ever since seeing Food Inc. and I want to commit to maintaining my cleaner diet through the next year. Not only am I committing to a vegetarian diet most days, but I’m also committing to minimizing processed and nutritionally void foods, which I imagine will probably help me accomplish goals 1 and 5, too!

I’ve also got a few more projects in the works, but they’ll all be revealed in good time. Trust me!


13 Responses

  1. I got up at 8am to watch your segment on The Today Show. I turned on the TV and realized it was on at 8am EST and I live in the midwest so I totally had missed it. Totally forgot about that timezone stuff. 😛 Haha. I hope it turned out great anyway.

    Good luck with your goals! They sound great and very doable!

  2. great goals. i hope we will have lots of runs and races together! 🙂 🙂 🙂 I don’t think you need to lose an ounce! but i wouldn’t wish feb morning dog walks on anyone, lol.

    i am interested in your vegetarian goals, will have to talk sometime. I am always curious about flexitarians!

  3. just saw the today show segment online! great job

  4. Sounds like a great set of goals for a year!

  5. Those sound like some great goals and congrats on appearing on the Today Show!!!

  6. Love your goals. I really really need to watch Food Inc. That should’ve been on my Goal list. I want to try vegetarian eating for 1 week and that movie would probably be a good way to kick things off.

  7. Great list, Katherine! I’m especially impressed with the vegetarian goal. I don’t think you need to shed an ounce, but I’m hopeful in any case that you’ll be happy, healthy, and in tune with your hot bod 🙂

  8. im concerned about the weight loss goal, you will wither away to nothing:(

  9. […] e.g., drug use, infidelity, I do agree that we need to give ourselves a break. When I shaped my goals for 2010, I made some specific, measurable goals, but I also made goals that encouraged flexibility and […]

  10. Good luck with the resolutions! I love the punishment for not making your weigh-in goal–if I’d had morning dog walks hanging over my head back when I lived in Montreal, I certainly would have banned the baguettes and cheese from my house 🙂

    I hope the books you read find themselves mentioned on the blog–I’m always looking for new reads….

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