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Gourmet Dinner at Chez Diana

After a quiet Saturday afternoon at home full of reading, The Huz and I finally put some real clothes on and ventured to Brooklyn for a lovely dinner with the beautiful and talented Diana and her fabulous boyf. On our way, I picked up two loaves of fresh bread from Agata & Valentina – an onion sourdough bread and a fig and walnut whole wheat bread. We had those with mixed olives and olive oil to start.

Our main course was recently featured on Diana’s blog and I am so glad we had the pleasure of experiencing this decadent dish first hand. As she described it, strata is kind of a deconstructed quiche, but a bigger deal. This quiche had whole wheat bread cubes, an “unnamed” amount of cheese, chopped chiles and an egg/milk that brought it all together. I snagged a few pictures while it was “de-puffing”

Served with a fresh green salad and a dressing Diana made from Eat Drink & Be Vegan.

I’d grabbed these two chocolate bars for dessert, but I was so excited when I found out these were only Dessert Part 1!

Part 2 was homemade mint chocolate chip ice cream made with coconut milk. Um, WOW this stuff was good! I actually had a second dish (for the sake of photographs since I started eating before I photographed my first bowl) and I could have kept eating!

As we chatted, watched “Just Friends” and chatted some more, we tried the chocolate with bergamot. I must admit, my friend Abby loooooves bergamot and I’d picked this up immediately because it made me think of her. Abby, if you ever see this chocolate in a store, BUY IT IMMEDIATELY. You will adore it! The texture was great – very light and crispy, rather than a traditionally smooth dark chocolate. The herbal nature really made it the perfect end to a delicious meal and our gracious hosts weren’t too bad either 😉

Many thanks to Diana and the Boyf for a fabulous Saturday night in Brooklyn!


10 Responses

  1. Looks like a great dinner! I definitely want to try to make strata sometime – it looks and sounds yummy.

    • I can’t recommend Diana’s recipe enough. Not only was she able to enjoy the appetizers with us because it was just baking in the oven, but it was also totally delicious!

  2. Hot damn, woman, you have been a prolific blogger this week! Just catching up on all the good eats and pretty pics. Seriously well done! Two things:

    1) You look so hot on the Today Show – awesome job!
    2) You made my dinner from last night look all runway ready and such! Haha–the lighting and ugly dishware I have always seems to take away from my eats, but you managed to do the opposite.

    Thanks so much to you and Huz for spending such a fun evening with us–it was a blast, and the apps were SO very yummy! I may or may not have had leftover fig bread and salad for breakfast. Boyf took care of the strata. 😉

  3. That ice-cream looks amazing, I def. would have hit up a second bowl!


  4. You and Diana sure look like you had great food, fun times, and just a glorious time of it dining on mint choc chip ice cream and high end choc bars! Darn, wish I lived closer and I woulda crashed your party 🙂

  5. Great spread! I love anything with cheese 🙂

  6. Oh wow! Sounds like so much fun! Home made chocolate chip ice cream?! Can I come over?? That sounds amazing. As does everything else. I love the strata as well. You have such beautiful photos!! I laughed when I read Just Friends..I love that movie! It cracks me up everytime. Im so glad you had a wonderful evening girl! Take care!

  7. That sounds amazing! And fun, too! I haven’t had the bread/olive/olive oil combo in a long time – now I’m craving it.

    PS your pictures look magnificent 🙂

  8. Oh man, food jealousy!! Everything looks so wonderful – especially those gourmet breads and the homemade mint chocolate chip coconut ice cream. That’s my fav flavor!!

    Me, you, and Diana should definitely get together to EAT sometime soon 🙂

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