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When The Wife Is Away

The Huz becomes a food blogger!!

I’ve had obligations several nights in the past week so The Huz has been left to his own devices in the kitchen. Even though I’m the food blogger, he’s definitely the culinary mind in our relationship. On Monday Tuesday night, he invited his mother over (queue “awwww”) for dinner and he made these succulent treats.

Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with French feta, olive oil, fresh rosemary and sage and diced sundried tomatoes:

Wild caught Atlantic cod sauteed with butter, olive oil, fresh garlic, rosemary, S&P:

Last night he even ventured into food styling when he made and served himself this tasty dish:

Organic, free-range chicken breast and baby bok choy sauteed with vegetable oil, fresh garlic, sriracha and tamari.

Looks like I might have a little apprentice on my hands, eh?

Do your friends or loved ones know about/share your love for food/blogging/food blogging?

By the way, here’s what I had with my green tea this morning….clue you in to what I’ve been up to lately?


27 Responses

  1. Your husband doesn’t mess around! You’re a lucky lady 🙂

  2. What is that – a ton of stuff to read with your tea?

    The Huz is pretty talented in the kitchen! Lucky girl. My Hubby isn’t too shabby when it comes to cookery, he just doesn’t seem to have any motivation to do it. Maybe I make it too easy for him not to?

  3. Oh, my…that dinner looks amazing!! 🙂 Your hubby is very talented 🙂

  4. All those dishes look GREAT! I really want to try the stuffed mushroom caps.

  5. Not too shabby at all for a Huz! I hope camera fights don’t break out!

    My Mr. was bemused by my food blogging at the beginning (and does not heart oatmeal pics), but he’s gotten into the swing of things–he waits till I’m done taking pics to sit down and eat, keeps tables relatively clutter-free for shots, and has been known to remind me to take a picture when hunger makes me forgetful 🙂

  6. Wow those dishes all look awesome!

  7. It’s my completely unfounded opinion that good cooks make great significant others.

    That all looks amazing and better than stuff you’d see at some restaurants. You’re a lucky lady!

  8. If we’re eating different things, my fiance always wants me to take a picture of his meal too.

    Can you husband come cook for me?

  9. Wow…your husband rocks! Look at those meals!!! Nice!

    Unfortunately, my family doesn’t really get the food blogging thing…they think it is silly. But whatever…I am here to stay! haha! 🙂

  10. YUM! Can your hubz come cook for me? 😀

  11. Notecards much?

    Sadly I fear the boyf is the Huz’s culinary opposite. The only thing I’ve ever seen him cook is pizza rolls. In the microwave!!! Blech. Word on the street is that he’s been juicing and making eggs for breakfast though, so maybe there’s hope. There’s also the Huz–let’s make them hang out.

  12. The stuffed mushrooms look really good. I have told some of my friends and family but definately no co-workers or friends from previous jobs.. since Sort of share some personal stuff I don’t want people from work to be reading them.

  13. Wow! Beautiful dishes.

  14. wow, your hubby did a great job in the kitch. It all sounds so fantastic!

  15. Mmm…I hate mushrooms, but stuffed with feta, I think I could manage 🙂 Hubby sounds great!

    Ps- Did you go to CMU? I went there for a year before transferring…

  16. Mmmm those portebello mushroom caps look UNREAL good. They seriously made me drool.

    My husband is too funny, he doesn’t admit that my blogging life has an affect on him (he is a meat and potatoes guy) – but sometimes I catch him eating very blog worthy meals. Last night he made a snack wrap with plain yogurt, almond butter, and agave. Hah!

  17. Gracious, the stuffed portobellos look awesome!

  18. Oh my goodness, those stuffed portobellos!! Are their leftovers? For me?? hehe. Most of the people that I’m close to know about and support the blog – I love when they do guest posts 🙂

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