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Spark! Wellness January Detox Day 1

Whether you were working or working on your REM cycles yesterday, I hope you had a great one! For me, I spent my day around food, talking about food, photographing food and doing laundry. You can guess which of these activities was my least favorite…

I spent my morning with more notecards while baking up a batch of tofu seasoned with one teaspoon of sesame oil and a dusting of ground ginger. I also folded and put away the aforementioned laundry while enjoying smoothie #1 of the Spark! Wellness and Choosing Raw January Cleanse! I know I mentioned the cleanse last month and discussed the different levels and requirements before, but now I’m finally going to give you some mid-cleanse feedback.

Last week, we completed a “pre-tox”. The last seven days have involved the reduction and elimination of common toxins like caffeine, alcohol and processed sugars. In addition to the pretox helping me to transition toward a good mindset for the cleanse, it also steered me away from the “last supper” mentality many people experience when they are about to embark on a new diet or cleanse. Even though I did have one small final hurrah (a cup of tasti-d-lite on Saturday night), I woke up yesterday morning ready to take on the detox and get the most out it.
My breakfast was a mega smoothie, which included all of these wonderful ingredients:

And a few closeups:

While I studied, I like the tofu bake so I wouldn’t be scrambling around the kitchen while my stomach growled at dinner time. One of the keys to this cleanse is being prepared! I also made a double batch of brown rice and steamed some broccoli and cauliflower. My lunch looked like this:

And dinner was stir-fried vegetables with brown rice and baked tofu:

Throughout the day, I had lots of water and a grande vanilla rooibos tea with soy milk. My smoothie made me so cold that all I wanted was hot stuff!

I didn’t work out today, as I want to take it easy for the first few days while I assess my energy level. I did, however, get some good walking in since I visited Lindsay for another food photography session!

Even though we were so focused on photographing food, the puppies had their moments in the spotlight too.

So Day 1 is under my belt. Hope Day 2 is just as successful!


27 Responses

  1. Haha love the puppy pics….too cute

  2. I like the pic w/the cookies in the mug.

    Good luck with the cleanse!

  3. The cleanse sounds great — I hope you notice a difference! Good luck, you can do it šŸ™‚

  4. What an awesome cleanse! Can’t wait to see wat it does for you!! That cookie in the coffe mug picture was AWESOME!! What kind of camera do you use?

  5. what gorg photos. those pups are just too cute!

    good luck with day 2 šŸ™‚

  6. It doesn’t sound especially painful, but I guess that’s easy for me to say! Smoothies have been making me drool lately, when I see them on people’s blogs. Makes me wish I could have a blender at work. Hmmm…no I guess that would be pretty gauche.

  7. When do you plan on getting back out and pounding the pavement? It may be time for you to strap on those runners and get out and run again!

  8. Great job with the cleanse – I really would like to try one when I’m not training. I will have to pay close attention to yours and see what feedback you have. I’m so afraid I’d be ravenous! Love the puppy pics! Sounds like a good Monday off.

  9. I have some of that protein powder…I’ll have to try out your combo! Those dogs are too cute šŸ™‚

  10. Love the dog pictures!

  11. That’s a good idea to have pre-tox the week before!
    That smoothie sounds delicious. I have some whole frozen cherries I’ve forgotten about…

  12. That food looks great. I think the whole being prepared ahead of time would be my downfall!

    • it’s definitely been a challenge, but i’m fortunate that i live and work near so many different options that i can run to whole foods for a piece of wild salmon or downstairs to the grocery store for some frozen veggies.

  13. Glad Day 1 went well, I can’t wait to see how the rest goes! Beautiful pictures, too (of food and puppies ;-))

  14. These food photos have been so amazing. You guys totally look like professionals!

  15. those tacos are the shit — we are photo taking divas!! and I am making that Bodhi pic my wallpaper… now.

  16. the cookie falling out of the cup = gorgeous!

    The Hemp Living Harvest…tell me, how do you like it!!?? Does it taste dirty at all to you? I have tried another Hemp protein and was not impressed but every high raw vegan i know uses hemp PP and i think i should jump on the bandwagon soon!

    I totally appreciated your comment re honesty in blogging and that airing others’ laundry for them is never cool. 100% agreed!


    • I like the hemp very much, but it is very grassy. I actually picked up a container of rice protein last night so I can compare the two. I would say, for comparison’s sake, it’s less “dirty” tasting than Amazing Grass, which I’m convinced is for the REALLY tough smoothie drinkers.

  17. You sure have a keen approach to clean detoxifying eating! I love it. I’m impressed by your intuition regarding knowing what your body should and shouldn’t do exercise-wise while you start a new nutritional approach. Did that make sense? I’m running on three hours of sleep, speaking of energy levels. Haha.

    Your photography session with Lindsey looks amazing! Way to go, ladies!

    • It definitely makes sense, Chelsea! I pretty much told myself that I wasn’t committing to a single minute of exercise if I didn’t feel up for it while on the cleanse. I’m sure you know how I feel when I say that daily walking in the city is often more than enough activity! Now that I’m finishing up day 3, I’m thinking I might venture out for a short run tomorrow or Friday, but I’ll see how I feel šŸ™‚

  18. […] – An ‘Off’ Week My first photo session with Lindsay, and my first mean comment! Detox Day 1, the return of the smoothie and more photos Detox Day 2, the day of the hummus blob Are You A Snack-a-Holic? Detox Day 3, Reflections on Energy […]

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