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Spark! Wellness Day 3 and Thoughts Thus Far

Happy Thursday, everyone! I don’t know if you saw my tweet yesterday, but how is it possible that short weeks feel longer than long weeks? It just doesn’t seem fair! The good news is that we’re in the home stretch and I hope you have some awesome weekend plans to look forward to.

I got some great feedback from everyone on yesterday’s post and a few interesting questions came up. Mike asked how my energy levels have been and I can honestly say I’m feeling really good. As I said before, I’m not pushing myself to exercise this week unless I really want to because I don’t want to wear myself out. Also, one of my goals for this detox is to remind myself that I don’t have to exercise unless I want to. Sure, physical fitness is best obtained by exerting your body frequently, be it on a treadmill, climbing a mountain or practicing yoga. But I spent way too much time over the past few years exercising as compensation for bad food choices and I didn’t appreciate the power of my own body. I’m taking time during this cleanse to give myself permission to relax. If I want to exercise, great. If I never feel compelled to run another race, so be it. Learning to be OK with myself and be true to my real needs is something I’ve worked to achieve for a long time and I’m loving having 10 days set aside to examine my intentions with real focus and care. So to summarize, I suppose, my energy levels are great. I still wake up a little groggy but I’ve never been a morning person. I don’t get a midafternoon slump like I usually do and I’m not crashing into bed at night. All in all, I think that’s definitely an improvement. Would I feel the same if I was running 5 miles every day? Maybe, maybe not.

Sophie asked a similar question, but I wanted to address it separately. She wanted to know how I’m feeling in general. Again, I have only positive things to say! Physically, I’m feeling a bit lighter (though the scale as stayed the same) and less bloated. In fact, I wore a pair of dress pants that I haven’t worn in over six months because they’ve been too tight. Now, as I said, my weight hasn’t changed. But if I’m a bit less bloated, YAY! And as I said above, my energy levels are very good. Since I usually eat a pretty clean diet, I haven’t felt too many side effects. I imagine I would feel very different if I was adjusting my diet from McDonald’s and ice cream sundaes every day. In one way, I wish I was having a tougher time b/c I guess I’d feel like it was REALLY cleansing me. But I suppose I should really just be glad that my body is already getting the food it needs so now I am just tweaking and polishing.

Speaking of my meals, Day 3 started with another smoothie (same as Day 2 using the chia seeds). Truth be told, it was actually the second half of Day 2’s smoothie. I was so full after the first half on Tuesday morning that I opted to keep part 2 for Wednesday. Good news, with a little shake in my Amazing Grass shaker, it was as good as new!

Lunch and dinner consisted of sauteed vegetables. Sweet potatoes, cauliflower and a mixed veg bag with corn, carrot, peas and green beans.

Served with brown rice and a healthy splash of Frank’s Red Hot for lunch:

And with a filet of grilled wild salmon for dinner:

I went to the gym for an hour in the afternoon as a break from my computer and sat in the sauna for 15 minutes while reading a magazine (Vegetarian Times). It felt so wonderful to just sit and let my pores open and empty. When I got back to my desk though, I was starving! I had some vegetable broth and actually ate my dinner at 5pm before heading out for the evening. I was worried that I’d be hungry later that night, but hunger never showed. I guess that just goes to show how often I eat when I don’t really need to. If I wasn’t participating in this detox, I definitely would have gone home and snacked on random bits from the fridge, or a piece of chocolate. Nothing terribly unhealthy, but definitely not needed.

Well, this post is far far too long so now it’s your turn to talk to me! Any fun weekend plans?


12 Responses

  1. I just bought those sweet potatoes at WF, too! It’s amazing how whenever we expect ourselves to be hungry, we aren’t, isn’t it? Just goes to show us how mental hunger can be.

  2. Thanks for responding to my comment, its great how you are feeling! I always wondered if a detox would give me more energy, or would leave me drained. You are doing a great job, keep up with it! πŸ™‚

  3. Behold the power of frozen vegetables! Life saving, no? I’m sure I’d have the same thought as you if I were on the cleanse, like I’d want to feel a really dramatic difference to know that it’s working, but in reality, it’s great news that you’re not feeling dramatic differences–it means that you treat yourself pretty well over all!

  4. I love that you are giving yourself permission to relax! I think that is a lesson I need to learn! πŸ™‚

  5. I totally feel you on the short weeks feeling longer! I can’t believe it’s only Thursday! I’m totally going to have to look up this detox. I’m so curious now and all your food looks so fresh and clean!

  6. So glad to hear your energy levels are maintaining most of the day and are even elevated during others. I have always wanted to try something similar and just worried that if I did it when my training volume was heavy, it would kill my energy levels.

    Thanks for the info! I love your food pictures!

  7. I’m glad you’re responding well to the cleanse. I don’t know if I could go without yogurt for that long. Good luck in the last few days!

  8. Sounds great sweetie. So glad to hear that your energy levels are up and your feeling great. That is awesome news!! awesome looking food too. Frozen veggies are such a life saver sometimes. Weekend is going to be fun! Me and hubs are planning a trip to vegas with a few friends. Should be cool. Anyways take care hon!

  9. This quote from an article I read in O Magazine reminded me of what you said about exercise today. “There’s nothing healthy about fearing food and using exercise as a whip.”

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